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Chief aboard the L.M.S. Explorer

Chief is one of the six main Characters from Rock Raiders.

Chief is the commander of the L.M.S. Explorer, which is the Rock Raiders' ship, making him the leader of the Rock Raiders. He is old, wise, and very experienced. This compliments his problem solving abilities, which are astronomical. He always puts the lives of his team above his own; if something goes wrong in a cavern, he immediately teleports the team out.

Chief is the only known Rock Raider to train Rock Raider Cadets. He also gives every Rock Raider team leader their mission briefings, supplying them with helpful knowledge and objectives.

Years ago, Chief lost his left arm while rescuing thirty-seven miners from a cave-in on Lego Pluto - at least, that's the legend, but no one's brave enough to ask him if it's true! It was replaced with an artificial arm, capable of shooting plasma blasts. Chief has not left L.M.S. Explorer for twenty years - he loves it so much that he has made it his home. (more...)

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