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RRU Quotes 2: Reckoning

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[8:47:40 PM] jamesster: and no I will not make legos in space 5 while drugged
[8:48:17 PM] Triangle717: nor tired.
[8:48:39 PM | Edited 8:48:44 PM] Triangle717: Drugged and/or tired is the worst time to make anything.
[8:49:17 PM] Triangle717: And for your resolve on this topic, I applaud you. (clap)
[8:50:20 PM] Triangle717: Now I me must go be there to bed pillow pajama jeans mypillow now time cookoo clock cloud land
[8:51:52 PM] Triangle717: before I go any more silly get tired BIONICLE DRUGS!!! lego island 3 flying car "i am going to up!" whatever all that was
[8:52:53 PM | Edited 8:53:08 PM] Triangle717: bye so long farewell cya later brickulator nice knowing you  wildstyle lucy ball
[8:54:10 PM] Triangle717: the room is awake with the sound of sleeping by julie andrew- no thats not it oh yes le717

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[7/10/2014 11:43:22 PM] Stan McStudz: Sorry, I'm on another "PC master race" binge
[7/10/2014 11:43:25 PM] Hugh Wotmeigh: Well.
[7/10/2014 11:43:34 PM] Stan McStudz: new computer will do that to me.
[7/10/2014 11:43:39 PM] Hugh Wotmeigh: I do want Transistor, Spelunky HD and a few other minor tidbits.
[7/10/2014 11:43:49 PM] Stan McStudz: ...which ended up being DEFECTIVE.
[7/10/2014 11:43:51 PM] Hugh Wotmeigh: But for the most part I'm covered until the end of this year/next year.
[7/10/2014 11:43:56 PM] Hugh Wotmeigh: :/
[7/10/2014 11:44:08 PM] Hugh Wotmeigh: McStuds vs Technology
[7/10/2014 11:44:09 PM] Stan McStudz: Wireless card's spotty.
[7/10/2014 11:44:18 PM] Hugh Wotmeigh: Then paint over it.
[7/10/2014 11:44:26 PM] Hugh Wotmeigh: You can paint stripes on it if you want.

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And spoiler'd because it's very, very, long...




Go Control+F and ' :P'. Yup.

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[9:24:40 AM] Hugh Wotmeigh: The Internet knows exactly how to run any good joke into the ground faster than Usaine Bolt can do a 100m sprint.

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The Ace Railgun

[7/16/14 10:18:33 PM] Stan McStudz: http://store.steampo...nr=1_4_4__105_5
[7/16/14 10:18:39 PM] Stan McStudz: What the everloving f****
[7/16/14 10:19:12 PM] Hugh Wotmeigh: the f****
[7/16/14 10:19:42 PM] Alcom Isst: Oh good, it's on Steam.
[7/16/14 10:20:05 PM] Alcom Isst: I love that Hatoful Boyfriend exists.
[7/16/14 10:20:20 PM] Stan McStudz: Tumblr loves it too
[7/16/14 10:20:32 PM] Ace: What The f****…
[7/16/14 10:20:34 PM] Ace: Is that...
[7/16/14 10:20:39 PM] Lexi: http://store.steampo....com/sub/42721/
[7/16/14 10:20:45 PM] Lexi: it's a pidgeon dating simulator.
[7/16/14 10:21:02 PM] Hugh Wotmeigh: f****ing burn it.
[7/16/14 10:21:03 PM] Alcom Isst: It's the world's greatest pidgeon dating simulator.
[7/16/14 10:21:10 PM] Hugh Wotmeigh: Get rid of it.
[7/16/14 10:21:13 PM] Hugh Wotmeigh: I don't want this.
[7/16/14 10:21:16 PM] Ace: On 7/16/14, at 10:21 PM, Hugh Wotmeigh wrote:
> f****ing burn it.
Kill it with Fire
[7/16/14 10:21:16 PM] Hugh Wotmeigh: I want this off Steam
[7/16/14 10:21:21 PM] Hugh Wotmeigh: I want this out of the Steam library.
[7/16/14 10:21:26 PM] Alcom Isst: On 7/16/14, at 10:20 PM, Hugh Wotmeigh wrote:
> I don't want this.
But you need it.
[7/16/14 10:21:27 PM] Hugh Wotmeigh: I want this out of the Internet.
[7/16/14 10:21:27 PM] Stan McStudz: On 7/17/14, at 10:21 AM, Alcom Isst wrote:
> It's the world's greatest pidgeon dating simulator.

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@  Ayliffe : (18 July 2014 - 09:55 PM) I have come up with a theory about Shadowblaze's country. :P

@  Ayliffe : (18 July 2014 - 10:04 PM) (probably) :P

@  Shadowblaze : (18 July 2014 - 10:08 PM) I'm listening. :P

@  Ayliffe : (18 July 2014 - 10:29 PM) Whenever someone guesses his country correctly, he moves instantly to the country next door so we're always wrong :P

@  Ayliffe : (18 July 2014 - 10:31 PM) And his house probably has robot legs on the bottom powered by dubstep :P

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[10:44:49 AM] Cyrem: I was hoping to amass car and landscape wallpapers which I usually get off there... seems I have just amassed boobs.

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[12:35:07 AM] Jamesster: http://thebest404pag...m/swf/Crack.swf
[12:35:16 AM] Jamesster: I emailed this link to myself on 8/21/2010
[12:35:23 AM] Jamesster: I have absolutely no memory of even seeing this ever

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[3:12:30 AM] Squid Loli: you insane motherf****er
[3:12:41 AM] Squid Loli: oh, sorry
[3:12:45 AM] Squid Loli: I used an Ableist term
[3:12:48 AM] Squid Loli: You bats*** motherf****er.

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Little bit late with this, but here we go...


[27/07/2014 11:40:11 AM] Will Kirkby:how many PETA activists does it take to change a lightbulb?
[27/07/2014 11:40:22 AM] Will Kirkby:don't be silly, PETA can't change anything

[27/07/2014 11:41:38 AM] Fush: it's a template joke. replace PETA with any other activist group for the same effect
[27/07/2014 11:41:38 AM] Fush: (^ refering to the lightbulb bit)
[27/07/2014 11:42:01 AM] Will Kirkby: you're a template joke
[27/07/2014 11:42:11 AM] Will Kirkby: BOOM, META-TEMPLATE JOKE

[27/07/2014 11:43:04 AM] Will Kirkby: I actually really like the NSA
[27/07/2014 11:43:11 AM] Will Kirkby: they care more about me than my last girlfriend did

[27/07/2014 11:43:58 AM] McJobless: Jeesus Kir(k)by, when's your standup slot?
[27/07/2014 11:44:32 AM] Will Kirkby: round about the time my ass goes numb from sitting down too much

[27/07/2014 12:11:21 PM] Will Kirkby: HL3: Motion Controlled Underwater Escort Mission Party Free-To-Play



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    Visible Vampire

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'Dropping out a window':


[27/07/2014 04:31 PM] Ayliffe:            *drops bass* :P

[27/07/2014 04:32 PM] Ben24x7:        DROP

[27/07/2014 04:34 PM] Ayliffe:             OUT OF A WINDOW :P

[27/07/2014 04:34 PM] Ben24x7:        LIKE A STONE :P

[27/07/2014 04:37 PM] Ayliffe:             ON FIRE

[27/07/2014 04:38 PM] Ben24x7:        SCREAMING

[27/07/2014 04:39 PM] Shadowblaze: A STONE ON FIRE AAAAH

[27/07/2014 04:40 PM] Ayliffe:             CONSTANTLY

[27/07/2014 04:40 PM] Ben24x7:        LIKE A DRAMA QUEEN

[27/07/2014 04:41 PM] Shadowblaze: ON FIRE :P

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