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RRU Quotes 2: Reckoning

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[1:12:06 PM] [SGT] Alcom Isst: Do Japanese mice scroll sideways?
[1:12:47 PM] Philip: TbAW5Dy.jpg
[1:13:07 PM] [SGT] Alcom Isst: That doesn't answer my question.
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So, we're talking about the things some of us regret doing on RRU...


[23:06:54] jamesster: the main difference being that a person typically can laugh at what they do
[23:07:05] Stan McStudz: I certainly have
[23:07:21] Stan McStudz: The one thing I regret the most on RRU was when I was a mod.
[23:07:32] Stan McStudz: And when I wanted to be a mod
[23:07:35] McJobless: ohgod
[23:07:41] McJobless: Those were the days, McStudz.
[23:07:50] Stan McStudz: See, now I laugh
[23:07:50] jamesster: and I'd go as far to say if you can't laugh at what you're doing/have done you should likely take a look down to see if you're on a high horse
[23:08:12] Stan McStudz: Speaking of horses
[23:08:22] Stan McStudz: ~THE BRONY HERD~
[23:08:27] jamesster: if whatever you s-
[23:08:32] jamesster: aaaaaay next is related to MLP..
[23:08:57] jamesster: [1:06:35 AM] McJobless: We as a community have one responsibility.
<<< [1:06:46 AM] McJobless: Collectively slap
<<< [1:08:19 AM] Stan McStudz: ~THE BRONY HERD~
<<< [1:06:46 AM] McJobless:  a new one.
[23:09:04] Stan McStudz: :D
[23:09:14] McJobless: Do not.
[23:09:16] McJobless: We killed that topic.
[23:09:22] McJobless: We actually suceeded.
[23:09:23] Stan McStudz: Don't worry, the thread's inactive
[23:09:24] McJobless: It died off.
[23:09:29] McJobless: Let's never.
[23:09:30] McJobless: EVER.
[23:09:31] Stan McStudz: It's like beating a dead horse.
[23:09:34] McJobless: Bring it back.
[23:09:50] McJobless: I actually remember when it had more posts than the Quotes topic.
[23:09:55] jamesster: [1:09:28 AM] Stan McStudz: It's like beating a dead horse.
<<< I see what you did there
[23:09:56] McJobless: It was the scariest time of all RRU.

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[16:41:50] Bug Catcher: I'm trying to look up something on brickipedia and I'm getting stared down by images of pregnant unikitty from the recent images box no matter what page i go to.
[16:42:15] Bug Catcher: ...the very fact that there is more than one is a little disturbing.
[16:42:26] jamesster: isn't the internet amazing

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[7:20:22 PM] IantheAdventurer: Tommorow I have to go to my mom's relatives.
[7:20:44 PM] Catastrophic Echo: Everyone is coming here tomorrow, so I won't be gone.
[7:28:27 PM] BlasterBuilder: [7:20 PM] IantheAdventurer: 
<<< Tommorow I have to go to my mom's relatives.Me too
[7:28:33 PM] BlasterBuilder: They are coming to kidnap and torture me
[7:28:46 PM] BlasterBuilder: They will pelt me with stone-hard eggs
[7:28:48 PM] Catastrophic Echo: I feel the same way when I visit relatives.
[7:29:12 PM] BlasterBuilder: Have you ever been to a Christian concentration camp?
[7:29:38 PM] Catastrophic Echo: Welp. That's going on RRU quotes.


Car CrazeXVI: (20 April 2014 - 05:09 PM) Pop Quiz: What is the true meaning of Easter?
aidenpons: (20 April 2014 - 05:14 PM) SUGAR!!! :P Nah, it's about [BlatantlyStartingAFlameWarBetweenChristiansAndNonChristians] Jesus. [/BlatantlyStartingAFlameWarBetweenChristiansAndNonChristians]
Yajmo: (20 April 2014 - 05:18 PM) in a nutshell: Jesus respawning, but forum rules say not to discuss religion and stuff cause it leads to flame wars.
Yajmo: (20 April 2014 - 05:19 PM) lol respawning
Sharkly: (20 April 2014 - 05:19 PM) Jesus killed YOLO.
Sharkly: (20 April 2014 - 05:19 PM) #truemeaningofeaster


[14:32:08] McJobless: f****ing
[14:32:08] McJobless: aaaaaaaaaaaaaa
[14:32:11] McJobless: Why am I awake.
[14:32:15] McJobless: Why am I here
[14:32:23] McJobless: I was at a party
[14:32:23] Ciprian: The great potato in the sky summoned you
[14:32:27] McJobless: :o
[14:33:09] Ciprian: Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to destroy the egg and replace it with a potato.
[14:33:29] McJobless: My mission is to eat breakfast ._.
[14:33:46] Ciprian: Then set to it, private.
* * *
[15:13:43] jamesster: "Out of disk space - Volume 'd:'; required space: 1,456 KB; available space: 0 KB. Free some disk space and retry."
[15:13:46] jamesster: excuse me installer
[15:13:48] jamesster: but that
[15:13:55] jamesster: is my BD-ROM drive
[15:14:02] jamesster: what are you doing

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[3:37:38 PM] jamesster: um, I'm trying to install the LSW2 demo, and after it unzips itself it launches... the fraps installer?
[3:37:46 PM] jamesster: I think it's confused
[3:38:14 PM] Will Kirkby: rofl
[3:38:47 PM] jamesster: how does that even happen


jamesster's computer confusion continues.

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[21/04/2014 23:26:29] Will Kirkby: honestly, you know what I miss about the older TT games?
[21/04/2014 23:26:44] Will Kirkby: speedrunning.
[21/04/2014 23:27:01] Will Kirkby: the newer ones are almost impossible to speedrun because there's so many tedious puzzles in the way
[21/04/2014 23:29:52] Will Kirkby: I just completed LSW1's first mission "Negotiations" in freeplay in 1 minute 9 seconds.
[21/04/2014 23:30:08] Will Kirkby: (excluding opening text crawl and outro stats screen)
[21/04/2014 23:32:06] Ramius Antillies: Well I guess you were right about one thing.
[21/04/2014 23:32:11] Ramius Antillies: "Negotiations" were short.
I then went on to do a speedrun comparison of the first 2 levels of Lego Star Wars (2005) and The Lego Movie Videogame (2014):

LSW1 (2005) - 1:09 and 2:21 for the first two levels (freeplay)
TLMVG (2014) - 2:37 and 8:13 for the first two levels (forced story and freeplay respectively)

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The Ace Railgun

[4/21/14 6:43:11 PM] Ciprian: Santa is NASA
[4/21/14 6:43:14 PM] Cirevam: But Solid Snake killed Santa in Merry Gear Solid
[4/21/14 6:43:32 PM] Ciprian: So that's why the US is now using the half-baked Russian space program
[4/21/14 6:43:32 PM] Bug Catcher: Santa respawned
[4/21/14 6:43:44 PM] Bug Catcher: and used loads of cheats
[4/21/14 6:43:48 PM] Cirevam: No, Solid Snake became Cold Snake
[4/21/14 6:43:59 PM] Ciprian: My mouse is on fire.
[4/21/14 6:44:00 PM] Cirevam: In Merry Gear Solid 2: The Ghosts of Christmas Past

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McJobless Plays Putt-Putt:


[18:53:19] McJobless: The most fun Putt-Putt had all day was getting coated in Red led-based paint, followed by melting under some industrial-quality heating equipment.
[18:54:27] McJobless: Hold the f**** one.
[18:54:34] McJobless: Requirements for Entering Parade:
[18:54:42] McJobless: i) Have Balloon
[18:54:45] McJobless: ii) Have Pet
[18:54:51] McJobless: iii) Have Carwash/Paint
[18:54:57] McJobless: THIS BLUE CAR IS MISSING A PET
[18:55:29] McJobless: s***, MULTIPLE OFFENDERS
[18:56:06] McJobless: AND THE RED CAR AT THE BACK
[18:56:13] McJobless: SMOKEY YOU f****, YOU TOLD ME
[18:56:18] Cirevam: Can you just make an LP of this playthrough already?
[18:56:34] Cirevam: I want to hear your aussie voice complaining about civil rights for living cars
[18:56:46] McJobless: :D

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[5:47:21 PM] McJobless: Do you think there's a certain type of lamp you have to rub to make Kir(k)by or Addict appear?
[5:48:48 PM] Alcom1: Kirkby's is a flourecent desk lamp with a USB cable. Addict's is actually a torch.
[5:49:13 PM] McJobless: I may have just dump()'d.