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Minecraft Screenshots

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Yeah, after making it I hadn't realised it said 'RRR'. So at this moment of time I am busy fixing it.




- - - - - - - -


I have fixed it, expect another picture soon!


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Cap't Rex

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 Its an Acclamator Class Star destroyer from Star wars and the clone wars. I have built this ship almost a year ago. It had been done legitly without any mods/hacks. looks pretty cool.


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Okay, well I attempted making Lilac's Treehouse from Freedom Planet. It turned out... eh, alright I guess.

Two things annoyed me while making this:

  1. The inconsistancies between the inside and outside
  2. Only having large blocks to work with, making things look inproper or ugly (One of the things I hate most about Minecraft...). Microblocks mod needs to become a vanilla thing. :P




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The Ace Railgun

Ye olde mod kingdom, complete with Ye olde incomplete doors :P




A map of the place (it took several maps)



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Drill Master

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So we were on the server when I took this nice picture of Arthuriel... Uh... Wait a minute...


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@Drill Master: Wow, that's weird xD.


By the way: "Thanks" to the instable and laggy connection between me and the server I have to log myself out and in again. Result: I can make pictures like this one:


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The Ace Railgun

Result: I can make pictures like this one:


:o That's a paradox, i'm gonna call it the lag paradox.