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Coordinate viewer

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As requested by

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, here is a coordinate viewer for LEGO Racers 2!

It works the same as my

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- Option to copy values to clipboard
- Shows all 4 rotation values
- Spaces between bytes for better reading
- Option to show coordinates as bytes
Thanks to

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for sending the address pointers needed to make this.
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Once LR2 modding becomes possible, this will be so usefull.
In the meantime, I guess all I can do is use it to find locations of thigns in CE easier.


Updated with an option to show coordinates as an array of bytes for use with hex editing.

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Horray! Now we can edit coordinates with no problem!

Hmm, think you can put a space between every byte for easier byte reading? (Won't affect copy-pasting with the clipboard, so no worries there.)

Edit: Also as well, can you make a way to copy all XYZ at once? Since they usually always come in that order with nothing between them.


Updated again,
Now shows all 4 rotation values (I was missing 1 (thanks

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Also puts spaces between bytes for easier reading.
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And here's yet another update!
This time I added an option to copy the values to the clipboard.
You can choose between 3 formats:
- X Y Z (Location)
- R1 R2 R3 R4 (Rotation)
- X Y Z R1 R2 R3 R4 (Both location and rotation)
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Awesome, every more reason for me to go back to this.

I've been using Cheat Engine because I could copy all XYZ or Rotations at once there (and also change my positions and freecam move around with hotkeys), but now I can copy Postion AND rotation all at once on your program. :D (I can only copy them separate on CE because the rotation doesn't directly follow)