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German LRR human comic

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Don't mean to bump this topic but I found something interesting I wanted to share.

I was just looking at old LEGO catalogs on eBay, and, well, look at the catalogs:

From 1997

Shows a UFO set in the Fright Knight's world

From 1998

Shows an Insectoids set coming out of a portal in an Egyptian tomb

Both of these resemble situations from the comic (although in the latter case it was Tim going through a portal in Egypt to the Insectoid world, but close enough)

Might just be coincidence but I thought it was interesting. Perhaps the writer of the comic took inspiration from the catalogs.
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That is interesting! The Fright Knights/Castle connection was hyped pretty heavily in the commercials...I wonder if a similar effort was ever planned for Adventurers/Insectoids...