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Insane Raiders [Comic] [Last Update: 2014-04-17]

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@Fushigisaur: Thank you for all the alternatives. Maybe I should use them all at once in a comic :)


@Cirevam: My painkiller screwdrivers Insane Raiders MOC approves your message. Look, how happy he is during his insane activity :D. (I built this MOC, while I was making my comic. Yesterday I slightly altered it a bit to make it look more like a Rock Raider (not exactly, but probably close enough)):


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In response to the comic about the SMLC dealership this is the generic Rock Raiders dealership




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Excellent :). So many generic vehicles and some are even more generic than the other ones.


If I had five energy crystals, I would buy five hover scouts, because one chrome crusher power drill would be far too pratical (or even useful) ;).


PS: I uploaded a new comic.

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Oh my god I love this so much, reminds me of some RR comics I tried to make back when I was a wee lad.



Please continue, this is amazing stuff.


What's funny about #13 is that raiders can't hurt each other with handheld lasers, but they can with vehicle and building-mounted ones. I guess they're so insane that they forgot that simple fact...


@wordsarecool: Yay, you made RR comics, too :)? I had the idea for that relatively late (some months before I started to make the first Insane Raiders comic). I will also continue to draw comics in the future. At least I have still some unused sketches at the moment.


@Cirevam: After you wrote that, I remembered, that I just made it because of the insanity factor and not because of the actual rules of the game xD.


I love reading these new comics :D And the new shading is great too. That laser turret should become a mod, perhaps an alternative to Electric Fences.


May I suggest you put all the comics in spoilers? It's quite a lot to scroll through now.


I like the new shading, too, because the comics looks more interesting (a.k.a. better style, which is the reason, why I chose that).


A mod with the laser turret? Sounds interesting. Maybe like the Mining Laser, but smaller and as an (automatic) defense weapon like you already said.


The idea with the spoilers also sounds helpful, because with more comics the problem could become even worse. Therfore I will probably use spoilers for every comic except the three latest ones.


I would very much like to see this "Eternal Damnation Device"...


Well, I haven't shown the Eternal Damnation Device in the lastet comic (Lazor-Madness II), but I would guess, that nothing is worse than a non-functioning sandwich supply xD.


In other news: I already wrote it in the first post and the status update: Now, that I use a graphics tablet to draw comics, it take me less time to make new comics :).


Oh wow, when did you post all those new ones?
Hehehe, I had a good laugh.


I secretly released them in the time since your last post. Excellent, everything went as expected ;).


Jokes aside: Thank you, that you still like them. I will try to keep them funny.


In comic #10, I want Chief's bedsheet. :P


I've read them 10 times over and they're STILL funny. :P


EDIT: Why are all the links broken?


Some of you have already seen it: I made two new comics (Number 15 and 16). I won't promise, when I will make the next ones, but they will come.


About the broken-link-thing: Broken links etc. don't last long in my topics. Maybe some pictures weren't available for some hours/days, but otherwise I try to repair the pictures in my threads as fast as possible.

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Corn? I never saw the textures like that. xD


Nice comics yet again, your drawing is pretty darn good, especially considering the speeds you make them at. Gave me a good laugh!