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The Adventures of Flash Jackson

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Here's a story I started writing about 5 years ago for Life on Mars and Mar Mission that I've added Alien Conquest and now Galaxy Squad into and soon Space Police. Still a WIP and I realize the writing's not that good. 


Updated, but still writing more.


Earth looked smaller and smaller as we rocketed towards mars. I had no idea what to expect. Oh, I forgot to introduce myself, I am Flash, a pilot on the mission. I was sent to Mars after a team had gone about 2 years before us and encountered a peaceful Martian species though our probes indicate that they either moved off the planet or have gone into some kind of mass hibernation.


It felt like a malfunctioning roller coaster as we broke through Mars’ atmosphere but when we landed, I took the flag of the U.R.L. (United Republic of LEGO) and set it on the ground. Right next to it I saw something lying there. It was a crystal. I picked it up and took it to the newly assembled Eagle Command Base.


After analyzing the crystal, we found out that it was a very high power energy crystal. Auron, the leader of our squad, sent some men out to drill up more. Auron, however went out to explore mars and its wonderful sights.


I watched as Auron examined another green crystal. After picking it up, I noticed something else green moving. An alien! A new species! One we had never seen before! The being simply pointed at the crystal, drew its blaster, and began shooting at my commander.


When I heard the shots over by Auron, I, like my nickname, was on the spot in a flash. I turned off the invisibility field around my switch-fighter and Auron jumped in. While we were dashing away, Auron exclaimed, "LOOK OUT!" I turned to see where he was pointing and saw a platoon of alien vipers coming at us. I looked back just in time to avoid crashing into Mt. Olympus. I maneuvered the switch-fighter into the summit of the magnanimous mountain. "Here goes nothing" I said ominously, the vipers still on my tail.


I dove into the dormant volcano...or at least what we thought was dormant. It turned out to be a buzz of activity! I realized that I had stumbled on something big...actually it was more like BIG! I couldn't turn back though so I continued on with Auron in the back. He was trying to communicate with the Eagle Command Base but was having no luck because we were in the volcano.


2 minutes later, our shield ran out of energy. I had to do some heavy maneuvering to avoid the vipers and their laser beams but it wasn't long until we took a fatal hit and went down.


We crash landed on a cliff and watched my switch-fighter plummet below into a green glow. “Come on!" said Auron, "We have to run away!"

"Yeah but where?" I replied.

"How about that cave over there!" Exclaimed Auron. But just as we were going to run in, an alien commander landed in front of us and blocked our way. The commander grabbed us and whisked us off to his base.


While there, we were interrogated. This was tough because I don't speak Martian and Auron only spoke a little. It seemed like he wanted to know why we had attacked his planet, even though we only landed here on an exploratory mission. He soon abandoned the questioning and locked us in a cell.


Suddenly, I remembered my emergency radio! I tried to call on it. "PSSSHT-Ello?" Came the reply.

"We have been trapped by the Martians!" I hollered into it.

"Bzz-K Helpshhhet s weeeeo Way!.....Cation please?"

"He wasn’t our location" Said Auron.

"We're in Mt. Olympus!"

"Bzzzzweeeeooo cha. On the wpppptttp" And then, the battery died.

"Let's hope he understood us." I said.

"WAIT!" said Auron, "I still have my radio! Let me turn it on!

*radio* "mmumnucop ayrgo mayantee splaygon warple blorg!"

"Huh?" said I.

"It's the alien commander!" replied Auron." He is saying something along the lines of 'We now have enemy after our con...cun...Conquest of this planet 3 years ago when we took over the natives." And then the battery died.

"That means that the Martians aren't really Martians either! They're alien just like us!” I exclaimed.


But then we heard some rumbling and then some laser blasts. Our cell opened and they were Martians but they looked very different.

“Yip Yap Yip Yup” Exclaimed the first

“Huh?” Replied Auron

The second replied for him, “He says we're going to help.”

“That’s all I need to Hear. Let's go!!!” I replied

“Wait!” Exclaimed Auron, “What are your names?”

“I’m Vega and that’s Pollux.”


They opened our cell and we escaped but were closely pursued by aliens until Vega led us to their cave. “That was close!” exclaimed Vega.

“How did you learn to speak English?” Inquired Auron.

“Long Ago in 2001 astronauts came and we made peace with them. As a gift they gave our chief a space suit. As a gift we gave them food.” Replied Vega

Pollux added, “How How How Waka Niko Yip Yuppa. Bow Chicka Wow Wow.”

Vega translated for us. ”What he is saying is” Three years ago in 2008 the evil Aliens came in spaceships and attacked every single one of our villages! The devastation was terrible and they enslaved all of us. There are a few of us still resisting though, we call ourselves the Martian Resistance or MR for short.”


Just then, some Alien assault tanks attacked us and chased out onto the face on mars.

Thankfully, some Astros were there to help. They blasted the tanks into oblivion.

“Take that ya’ aliens!” we heard coming from one.


“Come on!” Urged Vega, “We shall lead you to our humble cave which doubles as the HQ for MR.” So off we set and when we arrived, we were greeted by a Martian with a black space suit.

“Greetings astros!! My name is Reginald. We would request the service of you humans in our quest to reclaim our planet.” Suddenly, the Martians all look at each other and get on their knees and began begging!

One named Altair cried out, “Oh please help us please! please! Help us!”

I looked and Auron and he looked at me. “What do you say?” asked Auron.

“How can we resist the challenge.” Was my reply.


We each grabbed an energy crystal and stuck it into the chest of the Martians. "WOW!” exclaimed Pollux. "That is so totally hip!"

"Yeah!" says Vega. "I feel so...so... so energetic!" and Vega proceeded to do a backflip jumping 4 feet into the air.

"We need more crystals" said Auron.

"I can help with that" came a gruff voice from behind us.

"Uh oh..." said I. It was the alien commander.


He took us back to their hideout in Mt Olympus. We were thrown back into the cell. Thankfully, I had grabbed my blaster and hidden it under my suit. I blasted the lock and we escaped.


We ran out into the alien base but were astounded by what we saw. There were Vipers everywhere and they were all flying away! "Hurry!" I shouted we up the stairway to the exit. "Here!" I shouted and handed Auron my blaster. "Take one out. You have better aim than I do." One was downed. I climbed into it. "You go to the base and alert them. I'll fly with them and help from the inside."

"But what if they notice that they you aren't and alien?" Asked Auron.

"I know it's risky but I have to take that chance!" I jumped into one of the downed vipers and flew off.


While in the air, I was able to learn a little of their history. They came from a planet name Xolandian. It is near the middle star of Orion's belt and they came because their planet was taken over by a mutant plant species they call Morbuzkah so they came to Mars to colonize. Unfortunately, they "had" to suppress the current life and took over enslaving, the real Martians. Soon, the Eagle base came into sight and I slowed my viper down so as not to be shot down by my own kind. That was my first mistake. I bumped into the troop leader and he noticed that I was Human. Gorf uu blan jango! (In English that's, "Human alert! Get him!") I then proceeded to fly down under them. Mistake number 2. I became target number one from the eagle base. I tried to dodge the blasts from both sides while trying to stay aloft. Soon, I crash landed on the ground with a very angry alien leader coming straight for me!


(From Auron’s diary)

Vega, Pollux, and I watched Flash leave. We realized we were DEEEPPPPP in enemy territory and we grabbed our blasters, prepared to blast our way out of anything.

Mistake 1: We ran out into the open with probably hundred thousands of aliens everywhere. Pollux suffered the pain of having an alien zap him with a taser. Vega and I dragged him out of there, he was drooling like a dog or to them a Zuzzimeroo (Mix of Rattlesnake and Some other thing.)We barely made it out alive, thanks to Vegas acrobatics and my quick thinking. We saw a Battle happening between the Martian forces and the Xolandians. We also saw another one happening by EGB and a Viper flying erratically.


The commander grabbed me by the throat and gruffly said, "Rooko minorf glorg!" "Huh?" I said. Suddenly, he slumped to the ground. Standing behind him with a taser was Cassiopeia, one of the true Martians. "Come on!" she said. "Where?" I replied. BLAM! She tazed another alien who flew too close to the ground. "Back to where you were of course!' I climbed into the viper and flew off again not even wondering how she knew English.


I spotted Auron below me and swooped down. It was more like a How-do-you-fly-this-thing sort of a swoop but I landed safely. "Flash!" exclaimed Auron. "Wow, what happened to Pollux?" I asked. Auron updated me. 'Come on! Lets get him to somewhere safer." 10 minutes later, we got him to the eagle command base.


"Uh uh. No way am I going to help an alien." That was our medic.

"Clay, you have to! He's not one of the aliens. He's a Martian!" exclaimed Auron.

"Even if he was, I still wouldn't. I have no experience working on aliens! I don't want to mess up. He's going to have to go back to his village and get fixed up by their doctor." "I'll be back" I said. 10 minutes later, I came back with Cassiopeia. "Cassie, can you help him?" "Try I can but maybe not help" she said. "HEY! What is that...that THING doing in my room?" screamed Clay. "Come on Clay, she's here to help you."

"Help you I will try, but not be sure" replied Cassie.

"Alright I guess but if we mess up, it's HER fault!" Clay gave in.

"Take the blame will I but no blame to be given I hope."


After 10 minutes of working on Pollux, they finally revived him. When we had just finished talking to him, the base suddenly exploded in sirens and alarms. "What’s that?" Auron asked. "That is our air supply running out" replied Clay "We don't need air" said Pollux. "Well that's all fine and dandy but what about us?" "I know!" said Cassie, "Follow me!" We followed her to a cave and inside, she led us to a river. "What good is a river?" Asked Clay skeptically. "It's a river of liquid oxygen!" exclaimed Auron, "Look! I can fill my tank with it and breathe it!" "Come on! Lets get some back to the base before our emergency supply runs out!" We ran a pipe to the river and into our air supply and the alarms stopped.


After 3 days of cleaning, we finally got the base back in order. We had taken a heavy toll on the aliens but suffered major damage too. We had to send an emergency shuttle back to Earth for supplies and medics. The base was in shambles and the oxygen was running low again. Everyone was very cautious about breathing and no exercise went on to conserve the air. Meanwhile, Auron and I became experts in the alien language. Both Martian and Xalandorian. By the end of the week, we were fluent in all dialects. The aliens meanwhile were doing the same. Because of our skills, Auron and I were assigned to become spies.


We were given disguises and sent into the alien camp as recruits. When we arrived, the alien commander gave us new names (since we said we were never named) our new names were (Auron) Dorun and (Flash) Norgu. We lived as aliens for weeks; sabotaging their machines, stealing supplies, and eating their weird food. Every night we'd send a broadcast to the Eagle base and update them on our latest schemes. One day, the commander brought us into his room. "Dorun, Norgu, your efforts to help our cause have been noticed.

"Well, that's nice" said Dorun.

"In fact," continued the commander whose name is Floop, "We are promoting you two to a status of power. You are now guards of the jail. You will be responsible for ALL escapes and prisoners. Congratulations! If you can prove yourselves in this task, you are well on you way to becoming commanders! Good luck."


We were flabbergasted. We were astounded. We were thrilled!


On our first day, 2 new astros were brought in. They didn't even realize that we were human (thanks to our disguise department) so we just faked that we were aliens who liked peanut butter (why peanut butter? Keep reading!) One of the astros had a mouse he had dubbed Mickey (for obvious reasons) that had, much like its ancestors a long time ago on sailing ships, hitched a ride on our spaceship. He had had it in his suit when he was captured. Auron and I came up with a brilliant plan. One night (here's where the peanut butter comes in!) I coated the keys in the peanut butter and left. During the night, Mickey, sensing his favorite snack, climbed up and got the keys allowing the astros to escape. Security didn't sense anything wrong since it was the mouse. Auron and I got away with the simple task of removing all peanut butter from the premises.


After completing our menial task, we decided to help start a mass escape. We collected supplies of TNT and rigged the locks with small charges. On the day of the task, we also deactivated the security cameras. Many of the astros were confused as to why two aliens were helping them but we didn't comment. We hid behind a barrier and pulled the fuse. The locks blew up as planned and we armed all the astros with the alien's weapons.


That was when we realized our mistake. The guns were rigged to only fire when being held. This by itself would have been fine except our body temperatures are 98.6. The alien's is 102.5. "Great" said Auron, "Now what?"

"We could give all the men fevers?" I offered

"Yeah, right. How?" came his reply

"I have an idea!" Came a voice from the back of the crowd. He told Auron and I and we got started immediately.


The man, whose name was Garret, happened to be an engineer and knew how these things worked. He modified the weapons to be for our temperature and we proceeded with our plan. We quietly marched into the hallway and took a few aliens as hostages. As we marched further, we noticed a room full of dials. I had to investigate. Entering the room, I noticed a book. I opened it and was astounded by what I saw. It was a plan to take over Earth! After reading further, it became clear that this was a species who were kind of like the Vikings. Taking over planet after planet as they explored new space. I pocketed the book and studied the dials closer.


As I watched, the dials lit up and dimmed in a series of patterns. "Hey Auron, Come over here!" I shouted.

"Yeah, what's up?" He inquired,

"Look at these dials. They seem to be giving a message but I can't figure out the code."

"Hmmm, let me have a look." After watching them for five minutes he said, "I don't get it either."

"That's too bad. HEY! I wonder if this book says anything about it!" I pulled out the book I had purloined and flipped through the pages. "Right here!" I exclaimed, "It shows the pattern." The book showed the code being displayed. We were astounded by what we learned.


Using the code, we were able to decode the patterns. The message displayed said that the Earth was going to be taken in 3 days! It said that they have been placing disguised Xolandians on Earth for weeks and are now ready for the attack. This was big. "Wow! I don't believe it!" exclaimed Auron,

"Me either!" I replied, "But we gotta do something about it!"

"But our radio messages take 3 days just to GET to Earth so by the time they get there, Earth will be gone and our support with it!"

"This is serious stuff!" lamented Auron. "Anyone got any ideas?"

"What if.... no. How about...no that's even worse," I thought, "Maybe we could..., nope not that either" And then I had it! "I've got it!"


"Jason!" I called to our communications expert," Do you think you could hack this computer?"

"Yeah, why?" he inquired,

"Here's what I'm thinking. If we hack their computer and send them a message telling them to hold off the attack for a week, we could have time to warn Earth and prepare. Maybe even find out who the disguised aliens are get them beforehand!"

"Great plan," said Auron," but why not simply tell them to call it off?" "Because they might A: get suspicious and B: find out about us in their base." I replied.

"I see it now. So we delay them long enough to warn "us" and get them before they know what hit them! Brilliant! Jason, get on it!"


Jason hacked into the system and we were on our way until we ran into a problem. We didn't know the writing system they used. "Great now what do we do?" Auron lamented. "Jason, can you change the system to English?" I asked. "Sure but it'll take me a few hours." he replied cheerfully "We've got just enough time. Get it done ASAP meanwhile, Auron, let’s go scout around." "Okay. I just hope this works."


First, Auron and I put our disguises back on. We decide it was about time to report to our "commander" Not surprising, he was not in a good mood. "You two! Do realize that while you were out to lunch (this is where he thought we were), the entire load of prisoners escaped. As punishment, I remove you from your ranks. You are to go join some of your comrades on our top secret mission to take over Earth. I’ve delayed the mission long enough for you to join them.


We concocted a plan. I was to fain a security alert on one side of the base while the astros escaped on the other side. I'd then slip away in the confusion. I just hoped it wouldn't cause Auron to come into any suspicion. I sneaked into the other side of the base and decided on a spur-of-the-moment decision to reduce suspicion by actually blowing up a wall. I pulled out my blaster and fired at the oxygen line. It exploded and I hit the emergency button. Immediately, the area was swarming with Xolandians and I slipped away to join the escapees.


After catching up with them, I led them to the hidden MR base where they were all given food and rest. Using the stream, they also refilled their oxygen. Later that night, I was posted as guard when I heard a strange rumbling. "What could it be?" I asked myself. I had to investigate. I followed my ears until I saw some lights. I then used my eyes. I rounded the crest of a large hill and looked inside the crater below. I almost fainted at what I saw.


I saw millions of Xolandians preparing to head off to battle. Where? I had no clue. Then it hit me. One word. Earth. I was seized with panic and ran into the squad. Thankfully, no-one thought anything of it since I was still in my disguise. "That was close" I thought. "What now?" Was my next thought. I decided to repeat a former tactic from a few weeks before. I climbed into a viper and flew off with them. Before we flew off though, we were given oxygen tanks for the trip there.


It took us 3 days to arrive. We first docked on the moon. While there, I met up with Auron again. “HEY! DORUN!” I called using his alien name.

“Norgu! Nice to see you again!” That’s when the commander got interested.

“I thought I assigned you both to the same unit. Why weren’t you together?” he inquired. I had to do some hard, fast thinking but I came up with an answer.


“Uuh, I’ve never flown a viper before and it hit an asteroid on the way over. It dented my craft so I waited up for the others and then came with them.”

Unfortunately, he had to ask the leader of our group. “Is this true Zorkar?”

“I don’t know.” He replied, “I don’t remember him being in our group at takeoff so I guess he’s telling the truth.”

“Whew!” I thought, “That could have been bad!”

He dropped the subject and continued on checking everything and making sure it was all in spaceship-shape.


Then out of nowhere came another troop only these guys had ships the likes of which I’d never seen before! “Who are they?” I asked the commander

“They are friends of ours from another planet. They are going to help in the invasion. Actually, they will be conducting it! We just plan it and take the resources. See, there are their tripod invaders. They use those to wreak havoc on Earth.”

I realized that Earth was in for a major battle for survival.


Later that night, I contacted our commanders on Earth and warned them to prepare for an attack in about 4 days. They had already been warned of the coming doom and were already preparing the ADU, Astronaut Defense Unit, to counter the invasion. They assured me that everything possible was being done to prevent a takeover similar to the one on Mars.


We stayed on the Moon for another week preparing for the coming conquest of Earth. While there, I learned that the aliens we had joined up with were from the planet, X 2 ½. “What kind of name is that???” I asked Zorkar.

“It actually is named that because it used to be a large planet but something crashed into it and split the planet into one large and one small piece. That’s where the name comes from”

“Interesting. So what do they get out of this conquest?” I inquired further,

“They want brain power, we want resources. They go in first and steal all the brains and we then go in and turn them into workers for us and steal their resources. You should know that, haven’t you been through training?” I realized he was getting suspicious so I only asked one more question. “What do the planet X2 people do with the brain power?”

“They are trying to enlist the entire galaxy’s intelligence to try and put their planet back together.” Right then, Auron called me over me. “Dorun!” He called. “Saved by the bell.” I thought to myself and I walked over to him.



“It’s Flash. All these alien names are getting on my nerves!” I cut in,

“Okay, Flash, I contacted Earth. They have set up a defense system called the Alien Defense Unit or, ADU.”

“Well, can they fight the X2½ creatures?”

“That’s where you come in. I talked to the MR and our contacts on Earth and Mars and they both agree that you are the only one qualified for the job. Will you take it?”

“How can I accept before you tell me what it is? Auron, you aren’t making much sense right now.”

“You are going back to Earth!”

“Back? And how am I going to accomplish that?”

“I contacted the ADU. They have hooked up a transporter to beam you down to Earth. From there, you will meet with an ADU member.”


I pondered the prospect for a minute but soon I realized that I might be Earth’s last chance. “I’ll do it”

“Great! I’ll just put this beam attractor on you and…”

In an instant, I disappeared.


I landed on Earth but something must have gone wrong. I was in the middle of no-where. I turned on my GPS (Galactic Positioning System) to find out where I was.


I was in Iceland. Why Iceland? I will never know but it is a good thing I landed there. One thing was for sure, I was cold. Freezing actually. I turned up the temperature on my suit but it didn’t help much. After stumbling around in the snowy wilderness for three hours, I came to a town. Instantly, everyone started running for dear life. I tried to ask for help but as I don’t know Icelandic, it did me no good. Soon, the police arrived; they set up a roadblock and began shooting at me. I ducked behind a bush shed and tried to comprehend why this was happening. Here I was, and astro hero sent to Earth to save the planet but yet I was stranded in a foreign country whose inhabitants were shooting at me. “Why?” I asked myself but then the answer hit me like a laser blast from an AK-56.


The answer was so simple I couldn’t believe my folly. I was still in disguise as a Xolandian! I quickly tore off my helmet (Which consequently froze my nose) and ripped off my disguise. Next to me, a bullet turned a brick into powder so I hurriedly tied my hankie to an icicle and waved at the police. In an instant, the barrage of bullets ceased and quiet was restored. I put my helmet back on for warmth and proceeded to show myself.


Once I stepped out, the officers hesitantly came forward. None of them spoke English though. They took me to their headquarters for questioning but since I only speak English and Xolandian, it wasn’t a very productive session. They tried sign language but I only know bits and pieces of it. Icelandic? Not a chance. German, I haven’t studied that since I was in 3rd grade. After a few hours of unsuccessful conversation, they locked me up in a cell.


While in the cell, a tourist came in to report a stolen handbag. He didn’t look like a native so I spoke to him in English. “Hey! Do you speak English?” I asked.

“As a matter of fact, I do!” he replied.

“Oh great!” I sighed with relief, “Can you translate for me?”

“Sure thing! What are you being held for?”

“For being an alien.” Was my reply.

“…..” was all he said

“I am an astro from the Mars team and was sent here to help with the invasion. I was still in disguise when they found me. Please explain that I am here to stop the invasion and I am supposed to meet with the ADU but something went wrong with the transporter and I ended up here. I think I was supposed to be in New Jersey. “

He promptly explained my predicament and the let me out.


“Thanks. I owe ya’ one. Say, I don’t even know your name yet. Mine’s Bud Jackson but most people just call me Flash.”

“Mine’s Rob, Rob Bricks. I’m a newspaper reporter for the Mars Mission News Station. I’ve been keeping the people on Earth updated on the latest escapades of the astros. Funny, I’ve never heard of you.”

“That’s probably because I’ve been mostly on recon missions hence my disguise. Hey, you might be just the person I need!”

“Me? Really? How so?” He was flattered.

“I need a guide to get me out of here and a sidekick would be nice. I have one back on Luna but no-one to help me here on Earth. So, are you in?” I asked.

“Well, Sure! It’d be a great way to get the news first that’s for sure. I’m in.”


We traveled across Iceland with immense speed and arrived at the ADU headquarters 3 days later. I met up with the ADU Sergeant and he told me the plan. “Son,” he said, “We are here to fight the invasion and you are just the person to do it. How? I don’t know. I only know that neither I nor the ADU alone can. The other astros are still fighting and mining back on Mars so we can’t rely on them.”

“So, what’s the plan?” I inquired.

“Plan? We defeat the X2 1/2ians any way we can. It’s up to you as to how you do it. Just do it.”

“Come on Rob,” I said slightly annoyed at the lack of organization, “Lets go make a plan.”


We headed to the nearest Starbricks to get a coffee and think. While there, I got a call from Auron. “Hey buddy!” He started

“Hey Auron, what’s up?”

“I got something you might want to know.”

“And what might that be?” I inquired.

“The leader of the X 2 1/2ians is named Hypaxxus 8. He says he is planning on attacking New Jersey first…just like we thought.”

“Hypaxxus 8 eh, okay. Any idea what their strategy is?”

“Well, it seems they have creatures called Pluuvian Brain Beasts. They’re small, cute, and fit right on your head. They are going to use them to suck out the brain power they need.”

“Okay. Thanks for the update. Anything new from the MR?”

“Oh yeah, it seemsBRRRZZZZZZKKK.” Right then the signal was cut off.

“Hmmm, doesn’t sound good.” I thought, “Well, Rob, we have our work cut out for us. Let’s head for New Jersey.”


We arrived in NJ a few days later. Just after the action had begun. It was July 8th when we arrived and the town on Passaic was all in a buzz. Apparently, a farmer by the name of Plowed Unger’s cows began to act strangely. They wouldn’t stay in the barn. Soon after, he spotted a strange craft flying through the air. It landed in his field and took a poster for an upcoming rock concert. Rob and I decided to stay in town for awhile and see what happened. We stayed in the local Holibrick Inn. We also soon learned that a popular star minifig has been missing so we decided to investigate in our spare time. “After all,” I told Rob, “We are here to find out all clues and stop the invasion.”


We inquired and found that it was popular Club TV and Club Magazine star, Max! Apparently, he was last seen wearing a strange green hat with a protruding eyeball on it. “Max is missing?” exclaimed Rob, “This will make big news!”

“Yes it will.” I replied, “But maybe we should hold off until we learn more. It may just be a rumor.”

“I suppose,” Rob lamented, “But it would make an awesome story. I’ll bet it would have made the front page!”

“But think, if you write about our adventures finding him, it could just make a whole newspaper by itself.” I joked.

“Ha ha, I bet it could at that.”


We decided it might be best to go where he was last seen. We headed to Enfield, CT where he was supposedly abducted. Some said it may have just been a hat but others claimed it was an alien. It took us 5 hours of searching but we found him. Eating lunch out in the woods. “It was scary man!” he told us.


“Was it a hat or an alien you were wearing?” Rob asked while taking close notes.

“I’m not sure. It was kind of,…of,…”

“Both?” I prodded.

“Both what?” He asked.

“Max, are you sure you are feeling all right? You look like very tan right now… I think you need to see a doctor.”

“What’s a doctor?” He asked childishly.

“He is someone who can help you.”

“Why do I need help? I feel fine!” He roared. He was very dazed.

“Just follow me Max and everything will be all right.”

“That’s just what the alien clinger said. ‘Follow me’ so I did. He was an awesome….” And then, he fainted.


“What’s wrong with him?” Rob inquired still writing the account down.

“I believe he’s had his brain power sucked out by a Pluuvian Brian Beast. I’ll contact Auron who is back on Luna with the invasion force for more information. I hope we can restore him back to his old self.”

“Yeah, he’s such a cool guy!”

“Well, we’d better take him to the ADU. They have a research lab there. Maybe they can help him. In the mean time, let’s get back to New Jersey. It’s almost time for that concert to begin.”


We arrived at the ADU headquarters 4 days later. It was a tough journey because we were trying to keep Max occupied. He was basically a big, 1.5 inch tall, baby. When we arrived, the ADU was in a training session. “They’d never survive on Mars.” I proclaimed to Rob, “Look at how formal they are. They’re going to need some real help if they are going to defeat the X 2 ½ians.”

Rob ignored me saying, “I wish they’d called their planet something more catchy. I mean, it’s hard to write an article about the X 2 ½ians. What kind of a name is that anyways?”

“I’ll explain it later. Right now, we need to find someone who can take Max off our hands so we can get to the concert on time!”

“I can help with that!” came a gruff voice from behind us. Rob and I wheeled around and saw the ADU sergeant standing behind us with his arms crossed. All of his trainees were doing the same thing. “Why do they have their arms crossed?” I asked the sergeant.

“Because I told them that in order to fight the aliens, they need to be exactly like me so they are copying my every move.”

“Hmmm.” I said disapprovingly, “And just how does teaching them how to cross their arms help stop the X 2 1/2ians?”

“It gets them into a tough mood. Now, what was it you were going to see me about?” I gave Max to him and he led me to their scientist who had set up a makeshift laboratory.


“Hmmm. It seems to have taken Max’s brain power. This is not the first case like this we’ve seen.”

“How does it do that?” I inquired.

“They use a complicated system of brain receptors and hypnotic frequencies to actually get the brain to literally syphon its entire system out.”

“So that’s what this creepy green thing was doing?”

“Auron! You kept it? I told you to get rid of it!”

“If I may interject,” the scientist interrupted,” It’s a good thing he did.”

“Really?” both Auron and I said at the same time.

“That means that he hasn’t had time to send his brain power back to the mothership and we may be able to restore him! Quick, there is no time to lose!”


Auron dashed to his backpack and pulled the slimy atrocity out. Placing it on Max’s head, the scientist shocked it. When he did so, Max sat up with renewed vigor and threw the alien pet across the room. It began squelching its way down the hall but I pounced on it and forced back into Auron’s pack.


“Thanks guys.” Max said sitting up. “I have to warn you, this is not the end.”

Rob looked worried and replied, “I suspected as much.”

“How?” I asked him, “It’s not like you’ve ever talked to them”

“Actually I have.”

Everyone in the room whirled around and looked at him. “Do go on…” Auron demanded.

“Well, being the intrepid journalist I am, I was snapping photos of one of their tripods when I was grabbed by a huge claw that reached into the sky. The arm dragged my through the clouds so fast that the air rushed by too quickly to take a breath and I passed out.


When I awoke, I was in some kind of laboratory. Suddenly, I saw one of the Xolandians walking toward me with another, new alien I’d never seen before. They were talking and then he turned to me. The new alien looked very different from the X-2½ians and the Xolandians due to the fact that he was red rather than green and had some kind of mandibles around his mouth.


It seemed he was trying to show the Xolandian commander something and from my angle it looked like a gun and when he aimed it at me, indeed it was. I closed my eyes and waited for the blast to hit me. I waited and heard the gun but felt no pain so I opened my eyes. I looked around and the commander seemed pleased but I couldn’t see why until I felt a growing feeling on my legs. I looked down and saw a sticky, purple substance creeping around me.


The commander pressed a button and my constraints released but the substance was sticky goo that kept me from moving an inch. I strained against it but in about a minute I was encased in a purple cocoon.


The commander shook hands and then controlled the claw to hover above me. The red alien spit on the pod and it immediately began to dissolve. While it did so, the claw grasped me once again and transported me back to the surface. That was all shortly before I met you, Flash.”


“Sounds like something even bigger is afoot. Auron was trying to tell me something when our connection was cut. Perhaps he’s gotten wind of it too. I’ll contact him tonight and see what he has to say.”


Later that night, when it came my time to report to mission command, Auron, who was still on the moon, warned me that that main front was planning to attack on the morrow. Together, we concocted a plan. The survival of the entire minifig race was now on our shoulders.


The attack began early in the morning with the Mothership descending upon New York. Panic ensued in the streets as the tripod invaders landed and unfolded. Within minutes the ADU was on the scene but, though their performance had drastically improved, they were hopelessly outnumbered. It was no longer just a battle for survival; it was a battle for existence. A battle to prevent annihilation, a battle between a planet and a doomed city, a battle I intended to win.


“Rob!” I screamed tossing him a blaster while running into the heart of the fray.

“What the brick am I supposed to do with this!” He yelled back, “And why are we running right at the enemy!”

“You’re going to have to trust me.”

“Like when I kept the Pluvvian brain beast?”

“Yeah, something like that.”

“Flash, I disobeyed you!”

“You challenged my authority and rightfully so. I told you when I met you, I need a sidekick to keep me in check.”

“Well how about I start now and not run at those invaders!”

“Too late for that.” I said as a tripod emerged from behind a skyscraper in front of us and cut us off.


I was wholly unprepared for the sheer size of the mechanical atrocity that stood before me. Bashing into the scene came the ADU in their giant mobile defense unit. They drove it right under the tripod and launched a flick-fire missile at the underside of the invader instantly demolishing it. Rob and I ran toward the ADU truck as they prepared to set up a defensive line in the street.


“Well, we meet again.” said the ADU Sergeant, “You’re not so critical of my tactics now are you.”

“Sir, I request permission to take a squad of your soldiers and advance on the enemy. I have a plan.” I said ignoring his haughty comment.

“A plan eh? And what makes you think mine’s inferior to yours?”

“Mine has already worked.”

“Oh yeah? Where.”

“On Mars.” I said confidently.

“Mars eh, you’re one of the Astros then.”

“I am sir and I need to act now. One of my friends, another astro, is currently in the enemy camp in disguise and will soon be ready to enact his portion of our plan.”

“Blaze, Starbeam, Stonebreaker, Fireblade, and Starstrider, this guy’s your new officer. If he messes up though, feel free to rub it in.”

“Yes sir.” They all said in accord.


“Good.” I said looking them over.

“These men are hand-picked. Be good to them.” The sergeant urged. “All these men…”

“Ahem” One of the troops cleared her throat

“All these troops,” he continued nodded to Ashlee Starstrider, “are well on their way to becoming squad leaders. I can’t afford to lose any of them.”

“Have no fear Sarg.” Chuck Stonebreaker said, “We won’t let anything happen to any of us.”

“…or the rest of the world” finished Jack Fireblade.

“Trust us, if anything’s going to happen to anyone, it’s going to be to those invaders. Let’s go blast ‘em back to where they came from before they can say ‘Hypaxxus 8’” added Billy Starbeam.

“I can’t wait to see what technology we can learn from these aliens though so try not to blow everything up.” Concluded Solomon Blaze. I was thoroughly pleased with my men so I began with a speech.


“Before us is an enemy. Three enemies lay behind this plot. Three enemies lie within each of us. The enemies within us must be defeated before we can even think of approaching the enemies of our planet. What are these enemies? Fear, pride, and irrationality. Each of us will experience all of these enemies in different forces but we must overcome them in order to overcome our real enemies, the Xolandians, the X-2½ians, and the unknown buggoids. We’ve faced enemies like this in the past with the insectoids and the Blacktrons. We’ve faced enemies on our own turf who would take over Earth such as the Evil Ogel, the Brickster, Vladek, and Dr. Inferno but never before have we faced this many at once.


Who will win today depends on you. Your skill, your bravery, and your willingness to fight, perhaps perish, for the freedom of New York, the freedom of your country, the freedom of your planet, and ultimately the freedom of the galaxy.


I’ve seen their plans. They jump from planet to planet destroying everything in their path. We must not only defend Earth but it’s time we become the protectors of the galaxy. We shall become a Space Police force, an elite squad sworn to protect the galaxy, and we will need each and every one of you to join. Now, let’s go show those aliens who runs things around here shall we?”


Cheers erupted from the ADU line as they paused to listen to my speech. The sergeant saluted me, turned around, and was caught in an alien tractor beam from above. During my speech, an alien hovercraft had silently flown into position above us waiting for the perfect moment to cause chaos. All but my new squad panicked and ran, my team stood their ground. Ashlee and Jack dashed into a nearby building while Billy ran into the beam himself slowing their ascent into the craft. Solomon ran to the ADU command center and beckoned me to follow. Rob followed me over as Solomon strapped me into their jet fighter. “Go!” he yelled, “save the Sarg and Billy!”

“And then we’ll finish saving the world!” I yelled back as I took off. Rob and Solomon took off after another hovercraft as I began my attack.


By now, Ashlee and Jack had reached the top of the building and they bravely threw themselves over the edge onto the alien craft which was busy firing its guns at me. Billy and the sergeant were now sealed inside the craft so I couldn’t fire back. It was up to Ashlee and Jack now but the craft was preparing to shoot off to the mothership.


Jack fired his grappling hook into the building below hoping to delay the flight while Ashlee began disassembling the craft with her laser cutter. I, unable to assist, continued to circle the craft as they desperately tried to break in. The craft had finished ramping up its interstellar engines and tried to shoot off into space but the grappling hook yanked it back snapping as it did so and sending Jack plummeting toward the ground. I sped my jet under him to catch him and landed him on the ground but the craft was energizing for another takeoff – with Ashlee still on top.


Suddenly, a huge jet-copter came blasting through the sky and flew right over the hovercraft. A huge claw descended from the ADU vehicle and grabbed the alien ship stopping it from flying away. Ashlee jumped off just before the claw hit and she smashed through a window landing in the building next to us with a roll to break the fall. “We got some tips from the Dino team.” Solomon yelled from the pilot seat of the modified jet-copter. He took the alien craft and threw it at a tripod destroying both.


“Solomon, do you think you could get us into the mothership?” I asked the technology expert.

“Sure. Just disguise yourself as a reporter and they’ll bring you right up. Don’t know why but they seem to like reporters.” He replied adjusting his eyepiece.

“Rob, I’m going to need your outfit.”

Rob looked at me confused and then pointed to a costume shop nearby. I headed over and found a reporter’s outfit and promptly put it on. In a flash, I ran out into the middle of a city park and waited. I had not long to wait however because soon, the claw came flying out of the clouds and pulled me up into the mothership.


Prepared as always, I pulled out a laser whip from my tool-belt and freed myself from the alien claw’s grasp. The sound of an opening hatch caught my attention so I hid behind the largest thing in the room, the lab table and waited. I could hear the aliens confused chatter behind but knew they had no idea what was about to hit them. After taking off the reporters uniform, I pressed the foot-pad nearby and the table began to move, distracting the alien scientists long enough for me to sneak around to the exit and deeper into the ship.


I watched through the door I had just gone through to see if they would fall for my ruse. A tense moment passed when they found the uniform and inspected it but as I had hoped, they walked away passing it off as though I had melted in the trip through the atmosphere. Closing the door behind me, I pulled out my radio and asked Solomon for the next part of my plan. “Beam up the box.” I said quietly hoping the signal would not be noticed. Around a minute later, the requested box materialized in front of me and I hastily put on the alien disguise inside, the same one that had served me so well on Mars. Seconds later, Auron, who was also disguised, appeared in front of me.



“That was one wild experience.” Auron said after fully materializing.

“It probably wasn’t as bad as my trip up.” I replied jokingly.

“And neither are as bad as it’s about to get.” Auron finished. “Let’s get this over with.” He said unclipping his gun as he did so. That was when both of us slammed into the wall on as Hypaxxus-8 exited a doorway down the hall from us. “Drat!” I thought as he began walking our way, “This is going to be interesting.” I said as I whipped my taser out of my suit, burst into the walkway, and fired at the alien commander. The green menace before us screamed as Auron repeated my gesture but we were shocked, literally, when the bolt from our tasers came flying back at us and floored us.



“Well, an assassination attempt by one of the Xolandians eh? I thought this might happen. Are you tired of my rule or did someone higher put you up to this atrocity? Speak up or I’ll reduce you to the slithering balls of slime you deserve to be.”


Thinking on the spot, I squeaked, “Zorkar, Zorkar told us to take you prisoner. It’s been his plan since the start. Please, we’re tired of this nonsense. Let us use the hyper-flame and just destroy Earth instead of acquiring the petty brain power of such an inferior species.” Using the name of the Xolandian commander as the culprit of the crime, I would create enmity amongst the aliens themselves and possibly just let them handle each-other.

“Zorkar, I suspected as much.” Hypaxxus continued, suspicious as always he said, “How do I know you are telling the truth?”

Not wanting to divert his suspicions from Zorkar, I feigned unconsciousness from the taser and Hypaxxus wandered off muttering to himself as he went.


When he was out of earshot, Auron screamed, “What the brick were you thinking? Now the entire plan is in jeopardy!”

“Exactly. The plan would have failed anyway.” I said, “Seeing as we are hopelessly outnumbered. Now, in our alien disguise, we can use raise at least a small Xolandian army to take over the ship and pilot it to its doom instead of locking ourselves on the bridge and hoping our teleporters have enough range to rescue us before the crash into the Sun.”

“Well just don’t ever change plans like that without telling me okay? Boy, those tasers really sting!”

“Yeah. Apparently he has some sort of electric diverter on him. Guess we’ll have to use real bullets as our lasers will probably be just as ineffective on the X2½ians.”

“This should be fun as we don’t have any on us.” Auron pointed out.

“Then a little ingenuity will come in handy won’t it.” I said yanking down some wires.


Using the wires, I rigged a trap. Nothing more than a simple net, but I had confidence it would suffice. When Hypaxxus came striding back into the room, he tripped on the wire. Instantly, it pulled all the wires in the walls out, entrapping him in a tangle of red, green, blue, and black wires.


"Gotcha!" I triumphed.

"You'll never get away with this! I've already sent the buggoids out." Hypaxxus said with a maniacal laugh. I ignored his haughty remark and stuck him in one of the purple cocoons. To my shock, he began to transform! Laughing even harder, he burst through the cocoon minutes later, now a green, flying buggoid! He buzzed away to the control room, with Auron and I on his heels. With his new flight ability, he was much faster and locked the doors long before we had a chance of entering.


"What now?" Auron asked.

"I don't know. I barely even know what's happening anymore! Just a week ago we were on Mars to explore, and now we're fighting for our lives and the vitality of the entire planet! We've discovered not one but four species of hostile aliens, and who knows what's coming next!"

"I think we may have stepped out of our comfort zone a little too early with the mission to Mars. We are totally unprepared for this!" Auron agreed. Suddenly, we felt the mothership descending!


We ran to a window to see what was happening. As we peered out the window, we saw the entire ADU trapped in a giant force field and the X21/2ians were setting up some kind of machine. The Pluuvians were then transported back up to the mothership, now hovering above the ADU huddle. I could see Rob standing behind a ridge, giving a live broadcast. I turned on my receiver to listen.


"The ADU fought bravely, but it seems nothing can stand in the way of these invaders." I heard Rob say, "Is this the end for humanity? Will we survive as a species? Who knows. I only hope our guys on Mars will be around to continue the fight for us. Now the field around the ADU is changing colors, and the same little bug who captured me is activating a switch. Yes, it is as I feared, the field is turning purple. This is a sad day for the ADU and Earth." Rob was right, the field was turning purple. Tears began to fall as I watched my comrades turning into the same buggoid creatures as Hypaxxus, and knew what the fate of our planet was to be. That was when I heard him laugh.


I turned and saw Zorkar standing right next to us. "Enjoying my little display?" he asked, holding us at gunpoint.

"You despicable monster." Auron replied.

"Despicable? Only to those who I conquer. But to my own kind, I am a hero. You see, it's all perspective. Oh, and by the way, thanks for the help."

"Help?" I gulped.

"Indeed, your assistance was greatly appreciated. My nemesis Hypaxxus is now one of my minions, as will soon be all of his minions. His people are as doomed as his planet."

"What are you doing with these buggoids?"

"They will be the eternal minions of the Xolandians. I will send them around the galaxy, patrolling for new homeworlds as ours become depleted. They will live on their own, in the stars, but we will always be their masters."

"And Earth?"

"Earth will be the first of our homes for centuries to come."

"And what about all the minifigures of the world?"

"You will be cryogenically frozen until we depart. Then, you will be free to rebuild your civilization as you see fit. All who resist will become buggoids, like the ADU."


"Not if I have anything to say about it." I replied, having kept quiet, allowing Auron to distract Zorkar. I blasted open the window and we leapt out. As we fell, my switchblade came buzzing around from behind the mothership and caught us midair. I had sent it back from Mars when I left and called it with a remote. We flew off and took course for Mars once again, knowing it would be the safest place now that the Xolandians had their eyes set on Earth.


Along the three-day trip, we spotted the entire Xolandian force flying to Earth. "They must be excited for their new home." Auron noted as we turned on the invisibility on the Switchblade.

"Wish I could say the same." I replied. Mars was now in sight and we could just make out the expansive Astro base on the surface. "Well, how are we going to break the news?"

"I already did." I replied, "I sent them the details during the night while you slept."

"How did they take the news?"

"I don't know, but Commander Stonebreaker said he was working on a plan."

"Good. We'll need all the help we can get."


We arrived back at the Eagle Command base and rushed to a meeting with Commander Stonebreaker. As we ran, we observed the base was in a flurry of activity. We heard welding sparks and tools buzzing across the camp, and astros were rushing around with all sorts of machinery.


"Flash, Auron, good to have you back." Commander Stonebreaker greeted as we sat down around a conference table. Four other astros joined us moments later. The commander greeted them all. I recognized several of them as our comrades from the ADU! "Ashlee! Solomon! Billy! Glad to see you!" I said, excited. "I didn't think you escaped!"

"After Commander Stonebreaker beamed back to Mars to try and organize a counter assault from behind, we beamed up to help him organize the operation."

"I see." Auron said, "So what's up?"

"You and Flash have shown extreme, and I mean extreme bravery and resourcefulness in your escapades against our foes. In order to survive this new buggoid menace, we will need a new set of skills, machines, and tactics. Our scout's reports are indicating that these pesky pests are swarming the galaxy. We've gotten reports from prison planet X4 that they've been hit and their prisoners have escaped. We've already sent a team of four, headed up by Clutch Powers, to apprehend them. Our mission will be to protect the other planets from the swarm. They are using a similar hive-system to the Xolandians, and it seems they share a common home-world. From what we've gathered, the buggoids are the animals of Xolandia, and the Xolandian people have domesticated a large number of them which they are now using as their "pets", if you can call them that. Together, the remaining astros will form a new force for protection. We are no longer just astronauts. We are the protectors of the galaxy now. We are the Galaxy Squad."


"Galaxy Squad eh? I like it. What's the plan to save Earth?"

"At the moment, we will let Earth alone. A small number of our people have escaped the freezing. A team of scientists under water, the Aquaraiders, have not yet been found. A crew of theirs has discovered Atlantis and they have moved in. The Power Miners also have not been discovered and they are mining energy crystals, much like these, to power a new civilization underground."

"What about the rock and lavamonsters? Not to mention the Atlantean guardians?" I asked.

"The rock monsters were reconciled by Clutch, when he realized they thought we were trying to capture their babies. The Atlantean guardians were overcome and are being kept in an ancient Atlantean prison."

"So where does that put us?" Ashlee asked.

"We will head out and dock with the LMS Explorer."

"The Rock Raider team?" Solomon said excitedly.

"Indeed. One of their scientists was sent a sample of an energy crystal we found here on Mars and it matches the kind they found when their ship was stranded. It's possible they are of Xolandian origin. If it is, we need to find their planet."

"And how are we going to do that?" Billy asked.

"The CESS Stormrunner is equipped with a large fleet of RIS robots.”

“You mean the one that dropped us off here to terraform Mars?”

“The very same. They're on their way to Pluto as we speak. You will dock with them and use the RCX fleet to comb the galaxy for possible homeworlds. We have not been able to reach them, but they are on our side. Perhaps the signal strength is not good enough. The course has been uploaded to your Galactic Positioning System"


"And what's our job?" Auron and I asked, at the same time.

"We will fight off the swarm to the best of our abilities. Our technicians are already fabricating new machines for us to use."

"So that's what all the hubbub is about."

"Exactly. Solomon's crew, the engineering corps, has us covered. Ashlee and Jack designed some incredible new weapons for us, and Billy is allowing us to use his special hyperdrive. With my strategy, we should be able to take on the swarm with a fair chance of success."

"You still haven't told us our jobs." I pointed out.

"You two will be taking a cargo of crystals to the CESS Stormrunner, and then docking with the LMS Explorer. It will be your job to track down the Xolandian homeworld, and ultimately find a way to defeat them."


"I already have an idea for that." Auron spoke up. Commander Stonebreaker raised his eyebrow.

"Well, we were talking with Zorkar right? And he said his people just want to find a homeworld right? What if we could convince him that their original homeworld is perfect for them!"

"I'm intrigued, but how would you do that?"

"I don't know, but it's a thought right?"

"Keep working on that idea."

"Yes sir."

"All right, I hear the technicians slowing down so our vehicles must be ready. Let's end this meeting and get to work. Galaxy Squad, let's go do this." We cheered, shook hands, and Auron and I watched the squads take off, each in their own special bug-smashing vehicles.


The next day we met with the MR to discuss plans. "Your plan is incredible." Reginald said, after I recounted all the Chuck Stonebreaker had told us the day before.

"How can we help?" Pollux asked.

"Defend Mars if the swarm arrives."

"But how!" Cassiopea asked, "We have no weapons, no infrastructure left, no defenses at all after the Xolandian invasion!"

"Don't worry, we'll help you." Auron assured. "Only a small team of astros left, and the rest of us will stay here. We still have a decent army and we are bringing in vast amounts of weapons and vehicles left behind in the hives of My. Olympus."

"We will need training." Vega pointed out.

"Our astros will be more than willing to help in that aspect."


"You know what I just realized Auron?" I said, after thinking for a moment.

"What partner?"

"The astros are without a leader now."

"Drat, you're right. We are the highest ranking officers on the compound."

"Auron, I think this is where we split up." I said, almost tearing up at the prospect of leaving my partner and best friend.

"Which one of us is going to stay behind?" Auron asked, "We could draw straws." he suggested.

"As much as I hate to say this, you are the most qualified. You were, after all, once my superior officer when I started this mission and you still outrank me."

After a moment of contemplation, Reginald chimed in, "Flash is right."

"Well Flash, I will cherish these next few days with you before you depart for the Stormrunner. I know you will be more than capable to handle this on your own. It's been amazing getting to know you these past few weeks and I hope to run into you again soldier!"


Suddenly, alarm bells rang. We rushed to the control room. "An emergency transmission sir!" Jason, the engineer, announced when we arrived.

"Where from?"

"Makuhero City!"

"Stormer's in trouble?" Auron exclaimed, and answered the call.

"Hello, human allies, are you there?"

"I am Sergeant Auron of the Astro Corps. What's going on?"

"Auron, Zib here from mission control. We are under attack from some strange brain beasts that are turning our heroes into monsters! Can you send assistance?"

"Negative. I hate to say this but Earth has been completely taken over!"

"What?" Zib said, taken aback, "How?"

"A species known as Xolandians."


"Wait!" I called out, "Did you say brain beasts?"

"Yes, why"

"We had a similar encounter here! These Pluuvian Brain Beasts sucked the brain power out of nearly half the population here! I wonder if there's a correlation."

"Quattle, start working on that! Can you read any information off the captured brain?"

"Blorp gurgle gleep!" Quattle replied, buzzing away.

"I know you're scared of them, but this is no time for that. Now analyze it!"

"Splurge gloop blop!"

"What is he saying?" Auron demanded.

"He says it will take him several hours since he doesn't know what he's looking for."

"Well, report back if you get any results. I'm afraid we still can't send anything your way though. Also, be warned, there is a massive alien swarm invading the galaxy."

"Oh, we are well aware. Those pesky buggoids tried to scout us, but they were no match."

"Wait, you already encountered them?" Auron said, excited at this information.

"Why sure! Wait, don't tell me they're the ones who took Earth!"

"No, not them, well them in conjunction with three other species."

"Well once the brains are defeated, we'll be glad to lend a hand. Your little minifigure opponents should be no match for us. Why Surge himself could probably handle it. Zib out."


Those of us in the room sat back, and breathed deeply. "Something bigger is going on out here, and we need to get to the bottom of this." Auron remarked, and called a meeting of the astros. After instructing them to teach the MR in the use of the weapons and train them with our battle tactics, he met with me privately in his new command office. "Flash," he started, "I'm scared. Terrified. I've never felt this way before but truly, I am afraid."

"Auron, no matter what happens, you can rest in knowing that you have done literally everything you possibly could." I consoled.

"Thanks Flash, you're the best. I'll remember that."

"No problem."


The next day, I departed for my rendezvous with the CESS Stormrunner. With my cargo of energy crystals aboard, I knew it was vital for me to reach the Stormrunner and ultimately the LMS Explorer. Although I was more than qualified to fly the craft myself, I requested a pilot to keep me company. The pilot I was assigned was a kooky fellow, he always wore blue. Auron assured me he knew literally everything there possibly could be about spaceships, and he had been with the LEGO space program from the start. This was obvious by his vintage suit, cracked helmet, and constant smile. He has now gone on to save his own world with some other misfits, but that happens much later in his future. For now, he was my pilot and he was singing our spaceship to sleep. I couldn't have asked for better entertainment if I'd tried. I also couldn't have asked for a more perfect person to assist us later, but you'll find out about that soon enough.


Soon we saw the looming hulk of the Stormrunner up ahead. The yellow Commonwealth of Earth States logo painted on the side of the massive colony ship, with the cargo hold in the center empty. We wondered what happened, but continued on anyway. Parking our ship in the missing cargo space, Benny, the pilot if you hadn't guessed, perfectly docked with the freighter. The airlocks sealed and opened, allowing us to enter the ship.


We passed through an RCX storage area and marveled at the size of the customizable RIS machines. Large sensors lay stacked in one corner. Outdated now with newer systems, next generation robots the NXT and the third evolution EV3 models having now been released, but the Stormrunner was an old ship. One of the RCX's had a special case around it. "Why is that?" Benny asked. I looked closer. "Oh, that's Shadow, also known as the Robohunter." I explained, "He was used in a series of detective cases."

"Oh." Benny said, "This is a cool spaceship though!" He was always making such remarks.

"Indeed. Old, but it wasn't worth it to scrap, so the CESS sent it out on a colonization mission."



We walked into the control room but found no-one present. Using the intercom, I made a call announcing our presence. We waited ten minutes, but still no-one showed up. "Strange," I thought, "They should have been notified by now of our arrival."

"What's that?" Benny asked, pointing to something I couldn't believe I hadn't noticed yet. A huge planet, split it two was sitting right front of us. The Stormrunner seemed to be in orbit around it!.


"It's so dark!" Benny exclaimed as we marveled at the planet.

"It's not supposed to be here!" I said, "This is not from our solar system. Where did it come from?"

"I don't know!" Benny said, "I wonder what kind of spaceships could have brought it!"

"Beats me, but it looks familiar.. Hmmmm." I pondered, wondering where I had heard of a split planet. Then I remembered, "It's X2 1/2! This must be the planet Hypaxxus came from!"

"Not much of a planet anymore. No spaceships at all flying around it." That was when we saw the shuttle approaching.

"Then what do you call that?" I said, pointing to it. "I wonder if it's the crew to the Stormrunner."


When the shuttle boarded, we found out that indeed, it was the missing crew. When they walked in, they looked disheveled and were all injured. "What happened to you!" Benny shrieked. The crew was shocked to see us standing there. "Answer me first." Said a man, the captain Jaques De Wint., "Who are you and what are you doing on my ship?" If he'd had a weapon he probably would have had it drawn. However his arms were around a female crewmate, who could barely walk. "We are astronauts from Earth and we need your help." I explained our predicament and our cargo. "Well, glad to have you aboard. We need all the hands we can get to fix this eyesore of a freighter back into working order."

"What happened to it?" I asked again.

"Now that is something I still don't understand. How it's still here I don't know, but we've been stranded on that planet down there for months. Never, ever ever in your life go to the surface. It's a nightmare. Everything is out to destroy you. Everything. The plants are alive, the surface is covered in landmines, and lakes of acidic goo everywhere."

"What happened?" I asked for the third time."

"We were on a mission to Pluto, it takes years to reach that place, when suddenly this planet appeared out of nowhere. It was caught in some kind of solar storm and there was nothing we could to to avoid it. We dropped the cargo bay trying to lose weight, but it did no good. We watched it tumble down, with most of our RCX units inside, and stood in horror as the Stormrunner plummeted into the planet. We ran to the shuttle vehicles trying to escape. We made it out and watched  the Stormrunner crash. When the Stormrunner hit the planet, it went right through it, splitting it like you see. Just before it did, a massive alien mothership flew past and beamed up the inhabitants. Then, it buzzed our shuttles and caught us in a tractor beam, and threw us onto the surface. Amazingly the atmosphere survived on our chunk of the planet, but it was too toxic outside. We recovered several RCX units and used them to track down the missing cargo bay. We didn't realize it but our repairman was still inside the cargo container! We rescued him, repaired the shuttle, and just now made it back."

"That took you three months?" Benny said.

"It took a long time to recover all the needed parts to repair the shuttle. Plus, we kept losing the RCX units to massive carnivorous plants. It's hard to drive those things so remotely and we lost communication several times with many of our units."

"So what now?" I asked.

"Now we see if we can fix this sore excuse for a spaceship back into shape and fly home."

"There is no home."

"What?" they said in unison as I had only told them of my mission and not what happened to Earth, which I now expounded upon.


"Well then, we need to reach the LMS Explorer ASAP! This freighter is slower than turtle trying to swim in snow though. You guys got anything better?"

"We have our own spaceship!" Benny offered.

"But it's only designed for a small crew." I pointed out. Suddenly we heard the sound of a fleet of spaceships approaching.


We watched as a small group of green and black ships circled around our craft and then dock. “Aliens?” Benny said fearfully.

“I hope not.” Jaques De Wint replied, “But we have to prepare for the worst.

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Hrmm, excuse me child, but we only accept the highest quality of fan fiction in narrative in grammar. This... story you have written, is substandard, so do not expect any praise from the ladies and gentlemen of The Society of Rock Raiders.


A cursory glance reveals acceptable grammar... I don't have time to read this now but I don't know what you're talking about, Alcom. I'll find out tomorrow.
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Hrmm, excuse me child, but we only accept the highest quality of fan fiction in narrative in grammar. This... story you have written, is substandard, so do not expect any praise from the ladies and gentlemen of The Society of Rock Raiders.

I don't know why you would post this. Did you even read the story or did you just look at what he said in the first sentence?

I'm going to "Thank" his story in spite of you trying to discredit his effort.

Thank-you for posting this eagleeyedan, ignore Alcom1.
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I... I'm sorry. I have greatly ashamed myself. Several dozen moments of mocking younger LEGO fans had got me complacent in the attitude.


"WOW! That is so totally hip!" It's awfully long, but the first half was very engaging. When you finish it you might want to split it up into chapters to make it easier to digest. And of course there are some writing improvements that need to happen but that will come with time. Thank you for posting this.
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I... I'm sorry. I have greatly ashamed myself. Several dozen moments of mocking younger LEGO fans had got me complacent in the attitude.

I'm in college -_- but I wrote this before highschool :P

"WOW! That is so totally hip!" It's awfully long, but the first half was very engaging. When you finish it you might want to split it up into chapters to make it easier to digest. And of course there are some writing improvements that need to happen but that will come with time. Thank you for posting this.

Yes, that is my intent eventually. This was/is written for the LEGO MBs so I just post it a paragraph at a time. Oh, JSYK, the beginning part was written with another LMB user (who had terrible grammar :P) so it might be a bit confusing in parts. Now I have a developed story line in mind.



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I haven't read this yet but I will, I just wanted to say that you don't make double posts. Just put both quotes in the same post. This isn't the LMB.

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Hmm, odd. There is a book with the same title as mine only it's about a girl in a New York :P http://www.amazon.co...l/dp/B0000VUWRU




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Huge update coming soon. I've written a lot more, just not posted it. It is really becoming super crossover story, even into the games (mainly Stormrunner)