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Steamtank WIP

Steampunk Tank

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I've been getting increasingly interested in the steampunk fandom/genre lately, and as I'm now starting to build MOCs to bring to Brick Fiesta 2013, I thought I'd try my hand at building a steampunk tank of sorts. It's still a bit of a WIP, and I'll probably be tweaking it before the con - psst, some constructive criticism would be nice here. :D


Sorry for the cruddy pics, I don't exactly have a prime spot for taking photos.
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The little studs at the front of the treads should have a brown plate/slope, and the pipes at the back would look better connected to a plate with a stud in the center. Otherwise I really don't have any complaints (give me some time :P )
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Yeah, I really had no idea what to do for the front there, so I ended up eventually just leaving it plain. I'll try adding some brown stuff - any ideas that don't even involve the brackets there? I basically just need something to cover up the black technic beams.

As for where the tubing attaches to the bulk of the vehicle, do you think some brown 2x2 round plates would look good? I'll see if I can get those proper 2x2 plates with one stud as well - I think I might have a few in light or dark gray...

One area I'm not too pleased with myself is the 1x8 stretch behind the heads of the drivers, with the underside of the plate(s) sticking out. It just looks kinda meh no matter what I put there.


Steampunk is always good, and this is pretty good as well. It definitely incorporates the design well. I'm just wondering, is there a pipe or somewhere on the vehicle for smoke/steam to exit?


I was thinking about that, and I'd like to get something like that in there - I just have no idea where on the tank it could fit. Any suggestions?


Could you take out the left bendy pipe thing and replace that with a chimney (I'll leave how to build that up to you)?




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It seems to be missing a boiler large enough for powering everything.


And before you say I am new to the technology:



Is it possible you have any gear-shaped pieces? Could you place them on the tank wheels?



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Instead of having all of the tank wheels in a straight line, raise up the middle ones to create a trapezoid shape. It looks more interesting that way. The 1x8 bit behind their heads could be where some searchlights go or something.


BTW, wish I could make it to Brick Fiesta this year, but I'm going on vacation. :( Maybe next year.


Lots of cool ideas here - I'm not sure I'll be able to do everything for this specific model but I will keep it in mind for the next one. I'll try revamping the model and see what happens, and post here once I've done that (which may be a while, I'm terribly slow with these things).

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Nice job so far although I do agree with Lair on the treads... And maybe something like a grate or something at the front of the tank or like those snow plows that they put in the front of trains or something sloped to lift on-coming vehicles over it. Just something to make it look a bit tougher in the front.

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