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1:1 scale LMS Explorer

LMS Explorer big digital detail epic

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Thanks :). I've uploaded a lxf-file (LDD) of the bridge on mocpages several months ago, but I somehow forgot to post this in the first post (I added the download link at the end of the entry post now).


Uploading the whole L.M.S. Explorer is possible, but in my opinion only the file for MLCAD is usable (a.k.a. it loads fast, but the controls of this program aren't that easy), because the ship contains ~57000 bricks and is almost 8 metres long.




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This is just outstanding!


Thanks :). I also made these new POV-Ray render pictures ~ one week ago, because the old LDView render pictures weren't good (although it was the best possibility, I knew of, two years ago).


about other high-res pictures: I tried to upload bigger pictures of the 1:1 L.M.S. Explorer on flickr, but it didn't work (the upload itself probably worked, but not the approval process), which means, that the maximum resolution in this case is somewhere in the 16k range. It's a bit sad, because I personally like pictures for my Lego projects, where you can zoom in. Maybe I should upload them somewhere else, too.

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