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1:1 scale LMS Explorer

LMS Explorer big digital detail epic

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Announcement: I made smaller versions of this ship (1:8, 1:16, 1:32) and one of them could become a real Lego set, if enough people support my L.M.S. Explorer project on Lego Ideas: https://ideas.lego.com/projects/38716


[NEWS] (2014-06-13): The user "Sadie Meowsalot" recreated in collaboration with other users the hangar bays from the LMS Explorer. It's still WIP, but please check it out in this thread on page 9 (you can download the lxf file, too): http://www.rockraide...lorer/?p=103636


[NEWS] (2013-10-06): I uploaded the first picture rendered in POV-Ray (=much better quality and resolution). I also replaced most of the old pictures in this post with the new ones, because they look better.


[NEWS] (2013-08-07): I made an entry in my rru-blog, which contains a (probably) complete list of all the different LMS Explorer MOCs, which you can find on the internet:



[NEWS] (2013-05-09): I finally uploaded pictures from my finished LDD bridge model. I don't know, why I forgot it for such a long time, but in the last days I've completed this task.

Also thanks to Lair for the magazine picture from the RL bridge version on thread page number two :)


[NEWS] (2013-02-28): I've repaired all the imagelinks in this post and also incluced some of the other images from my several posts in this thread,

which will make things easier to search (or you just use the gallery function^^). Another thing: My rant about the elevators in the RR-intro was wrong,

because when I was building the LMS Explorer on the Minecraftserver (I don't know if it belonged to Phoenyx or CTXXTC), I've found out, that the

first elevator is in the middle of the ship and the second one (which leads to the hangar) on the right side (maybe I'll make a little sketch of it).]


In this spoiler is the whole story of the development of this model:















NEW: Here are some images from my seperate LDD bridge model which looks much better than the bridge in my 1:1 LMS Explorer model or the early separate bridge model.















Main video sources, which were extremely helpful and I used to watch again and again (and often freezed to look at a single frame):
Lego Rock Raiders Intro Movie uploaded by rockraider13: http://www.youtube.c...h?v=iAyvMU8umUY
Lego Rock Raiders Outro #1 uploaded by rockraider13: http://www.youtube.c...h?v=3pEfqKn1KQo



Also featured on mocpages, flickr and deviantart (although this RRU thread contains much more pictures, newer content and more awesome/helpful coments :)):

mocpages: http://www.mocpages.com/moc.php/289436

flickr: http://www.flickr.co...07/10114539425/

deviantart: http://arthuriel.dev...model-407672007


Download Link of the L.M.S. Explorer Bridge (via Mocpages): http://www.mocpages....1381164719m.lxf

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Lair is going to die from happiness when he sees this. He is currently working on just the bridge and getting it as accurate as possible, but you have the entire thing here. Top shelf!


Thank you :) .
I have seen the two LMS pictures in Lair`s gallery and his attempt is better than mine :) (my first version of the bridge in LDD was too big, so I build a smaller version :lol: ).
Maybe I should post pictures from the LDD LMS Explorer version and the building progress too.



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Wow. That's epic.



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Lair is going to die from happiness when he sees this. He is currently working on just the bridge and getting it as accurate as possible, but you have the entire thing here. Top shelf!

Actually, I'm more mad that I wasn't the first to build it, and that my estimation of 100,000 bricks was twice the actual size. Oh well.

Anyways, wow. This is a true masterpiece. Except the color is all wrong. The teal things are green for some reason. Don't give me that garbage about LeoCad not having teal, it does. Also the hull is light grey aside from a few stripes (the giant flat parts of the bridge), and you colored the silver bricks white unless it rendered like that. Could you get more pictures of the close-up areas? If you can, add Chief's chair in.

You even got the size right. The minimodel I made was too long and skinny. :|

...Well. I don't really have anything to say, Just...epic.

ALSO Watch the EXTENDED Rock Raiders intro on youtube.
Mmm... you've got a small flaw in your bridge at the base, it only has 11 windows instead of 12... oh well.
Edit again: You used green flat bricks where a green elbowed pipe should be used in the bridge, which does exist in leocad. Also in the back of the bridge the elevator shaft is seperated from the slope. Your bridge design is a little messed up in places (well I'm apparently blind lol, but really I think the shaft is different? Please correct me if I'm wrong). I'm being critical of small flaws, but that doesn't mean I'm complaining. I'm just trying to help. The fact you even made this yourself is just epic.

[removed because I'm a dipweed who doesn't even know where he got info from]

I give you a :af: :af: :af: :af: :af: :af: :af: :af: :af: x9001

Retsnom Kcor

That is the most awesome thing I've seen today.




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Your opinion is incorrect. From what I know, it has a crew of around one thousand. It probably could hold twothousand, but they don't want to overcrowd it.

On what moon did you find that information.



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It's not a spam post, it's a legitimate question. Cite your sources, otherwise it is your opinion that is wrong. Besides, the majority of your first post in this topic was negative criticism rather than praise, so it seems that it's okay to not "congratulate the OC on his work".



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Great job! Now build it IRL.


This is fantastic. I wonder how much DesignByMe would state it would cost to buy the model for real life?



Okay, you are right :lol: . There is Turqoise in LeoCAD. I don´t know, why I used the wrong colors. Maybe I thought "Hmm, I had build 10.000 pieces yet and used the wrong colors... ...aargh, I´m too lazy to recoloring the whole thing. I will do this later"
Jeah, I can do this now and recoloring is easy, but there are ~57.000 bricks in wrong colors.

for the bridge:
Here is another problem: Maybe it is more logical if there will be 11 windows instead 12, but in the outro it looks like 12. The low resolution of the video can be a reason.
And yes, there are round elbowed pieces... .... which I dicovered after finishing the bridge :lol: .
I searched shaft parts in LeoCAD, but I didn´t find the original ones.

Thanks for your constructive critisizm and your comment. The general problem is that LeoCAD gets really slow with a higher piece number and adding or changing pieces can be really annoying, but I will try to realize the following points:
[x]find and destroy atlantis;) (just a joke, but some people will remember this point from Homer Simpson´s to-do list :lol: )
[ ]adding the teleporter
[ ]recolor the whole ship
[ ]correct some flaws etc.
[ ]adding other things ( e.g.: Chief´s chair)
[x]watching the extended version (I think it was August 2011). This is a good tipp, because the video show a lot of details in higher resolution etc. (e.g. the teleporter etc.).
[ ]adding other tasks to this list :lol:

P.S.: My crew number is just a long guess and my Rock Raider manual have been broken after a few years and I lost it later, so I don´t know, where I can find a reliable source for this information. Maybe you got this information from the manual, but I really want to know the crew number of the whole ship :) .

P.P.S.: Changing the colors in MLCAD will be easier (there is a list with every single piece in the model), but it´s a crazy task too :lol: .

@Toot etc.: Thank you :) . The main problem is that building the L.M.S. Explorer in real life means:
lots of parts--->lots of money ( 20.000€ and more) or sponsoring
Maybe I should try to contact the LEGO Company, but I don´t know, if they would be interested in this project.

P.S.: LDD crashed at 18.000 piecesand the price at this point was around 2500 until 3000 €




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I don't see how they're relevant at all, as I was giving lots of constrctive critisizm while our chairman completally ignored the existance of his work.

Just because my first post in this topic is not a comment on his creation doesn't mean I'm ignoring it at all. Perhaps I intend to write a bigger reply later... Or maybe I saw someone saying Arthurie's opinion of how many raiders would fit into the ship was wrong, and trying to push their baseless opinion on him.

And, question? I thought he was saying something about moons.

If you think I was talking about moons than you really did not understand my question at all. 'On what moon' is a simple exaggeration/saying of 'where did you find'. Here is a Simple English version of my question: "Where did you find information on how many Rock Raiders would fit inside the L.M.S"?


Aargh, I recolored 15 pieces yet, but then Leo CAD crashed. That means a veeery long recoloring time and in MLCAD I have to change every single bricks too :lol: . I hope that I will find a solution to select lots of bricks and recoloring them all in one step.

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