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Bridges Of Some Sort?

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I'm pretty sure I've seen a special Pilot deposit null in the RMvsRR animation. Just change that, even though the Pilot won't look right. Here, I'll even take a look at it right now.

The file in question is pickup_shake.lws. There are two special nulls, Start_NULL and End_NULL. Take a look at this picture for locations:


Look familiar? Start_NULL is where the raider is put to be picked up, and End_NULL is where he lands. I think this is no more difficult than moving that End_NULL several squares away and then changing some of the monster's stats to make it act like a cannon. If anything, this will let us see if it's possible and we can worry about visuals later.


Doh wow. I forgot to mention making land out of rockwhales in the PSX game.


I thought about that, but it's obviously different code than the PC version.


I also forgot to mention 3 things about the cannon.

1. The issue of aim
2. What happens if the target is across a wall
3. What happens if the target is IN a wall


that's why the monster is positioned and rotated via the OL, and has no routespeed.


that's why the monster is positioned and rotated via the OL, and has no routespeed.

But if I remember correctally the monster can pick up a RR from any angle. Route speed is obvious, and thus would need to be placed via ol.


Does zeroing the routespeed not lock the facing direction?


I doubt it. Either way, a shift in animations may give the monster an oppertunity to change directions.

Try this: Place a 0 route speed monster somewhere with the ol file. Make everything else normal. Take a rock raider in first or second person mode and slowly walk up to him from different sides. See if:

1. He picks you up from somewhere other than infront of you, and
2. If you have to physically bump into him for him to grab you. This will let us know at what range he will grab.


I'll test it later. I'm a bit busy at the moment.




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Admittedly I don't know what im talking about but maybe if you were to go the route of making a bridge-building, think of the tool store and the piece of power path it automatically places down in front of it, maybe its possible to extend that and make it place down more of the power path like that and over the water? like i said i dunno but just thought id put it out there.



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It probably won't work. Only water tiles can be placed on water, like with the docks, so it wouldn't accept a power path.


I have made power paths extend across water by putting water-only tiles between the building and power path but since you can't adjust the length of the bridge you need to find a patch of water X tiles across in order to place it. It's only useful for power so it's not that great.