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Six Californias. Tank you, McStudz.

Posted by Addictgamer in Addictgamer's official blog, 20 August 2014 · 111 views

Thanks to a comment McStudz made, I, the impulse addictgamer that I am, have opted to create a blog following my rant in a status update on the recent proposition to split my state into six states.


Some of you might claim 50 isn't enough.
Some of you may think splitting each of the Hawaiian island into their own states should be our...


The Book of LEGO Rock Raiders Modding

Posted by le717 in Trian Gular Writings, 19 August 2014 · 91 views

It has always been said Cyrem wrote the book on LEGO Rock Raiders modding. I found the book to prove it.



Help Someone Who is Dumb and Doesn't Know How to Computer

Posted by Pereki in Tazakk's Blog, 13 August 2014 · 218 views

With my sharp eye, it is only natural that it took me until literally today to note that there are publicly available means of sort-of playing LEGO Universe.

Avoiding all of the copycat TimTech stuff, I've downloaded the official release and am trying to use Microsoft Visual Studio to compile it, but despite numerous attempts I keep receiving errors that...


LI Hospital Theme Cover

Posted by Shadowblaze in c24 (aka me)'s music, 12 August 2014 · 100 views
music, c24, cover

Heya, asked me to do this so here it is! This is probably the first and only professionally made cover of this music. I thought you would have enjoyed it, so I decided to upload and post this on RRU! :D


Listen on SoundCloud: https://soundcloud.c...tal-theme-cover


Dragons and cats...

Posted by someswedish in The dragon and his fellow Rock Raiders, Etc., 09 August 2014 · 122 views
RRU, And, Cats

Here is a accurate* representation of the current state of RRU as of August 09 2014.


*And by accurate i mean 10%, but its still accurate because RRU


Public Art DERPO Bricks

Posted by Drill Master in Drill Master's Blog, 07 August 2014 · 129 views

Almost forgot about this but...


On the way home from camping on Monday, we came across this public art sculpture. My dad was nice enough to slow down a bit so I could snap a steady shot of it.

Now, obviously it's very disproportional in every way, but most publi...


Unnamed Ramas

Posted by Azarth in Blog of whatever, 03 August 2014 · 192 views

I have been making progress on my WIP Extra Ramas pack for LR2, but I still need textures for Pulse and Rip. Since LR2 doesn't have textures for them and I would suck at drawing them from scratch (I honestly have no idea how I managed to do a decent job on the eyes for Gear and Surfer , I decided to take a look at Racers Rally 2 , an old Lego.com game...


RRU's 6th Anniversary in a Nutshell

Posted by Ben24x7 in The Fred blogs, 30 July 2014 · 132 views

This is for all those people out there who didn't manage to either arrive in time or didn't have a chance to celebrate the 6th Anniversary of Rock Raiders United. So for those who want an explanation of what happened here it is in a nutshell:

1. When there was only two minutes left people counted down the minutes
2. When it came around to 3 'o clock the...


Thu'll Language concept (Part 2 Fur'Dae)

Posted by The Ace Railgun in Ace's blog of Artistry, and Photography, 29 July 2014 · 113 views

Another set of characters for the Thu'll language has been completed! (sort of) This is the second level of Thu'll characters also known as Fur'Dae. I wanted to focus on making the characters and sounds more complex, yet keep the same flowing nature of the Dur'Dae (First set).


The blotched out characters ar...


LEGO Wolfenstein?

Posted by Alcom1 in Alcom1's Blog, 27 July 2014 · 156 views

Noghiri mentioned C4 in the context of a URL link.
I did not understand what this C4 was.
I decided to look it up via Wikipedia.
I went to this page .
I got sidetracked and clicked to this page .
I then caught the word "LEGO", and stumbled upon LEGO Wolfenstein .



Pokemon X & Y Review from a first-time player

Posted by BobaFett2 in BobaFett2's Game Reviews, 21 July 2014 · 101 views

I should probably mention that while this is my first time owning a game, it's not my first time playing. I have a little background with the video games, but only from some events and a friend's game, neither of which really count. I have played a little of Emerald and Sapphire, although I was quite familiar with the Pokemon and details about t...


A TFOL's Response to Greenpeace's LEGO Petition

Posted by Brigs in Brigs' Blog, 15 July 2014 · 492 views
LEGO, Shell, Activism and 5 more...

A TFOL's Response to Greenpeace's LEGO Petition

By Professor Brigs Bastille

Generally, I don’t waste my valuable time on petitions senseless as this one. Nevertheless, this fallacious pile of KRE-O has gained considerable circulation in the LEGO Community, and thus merits a well-articulated response.




Birthday Presents

Posted by McJobless in Blog-Tastika, 12 July 2014 · 110 views

Let's cut to the chase. This year I got an awesome haul:
The Sea Cow (LEGO Set). It took me 9 hours to finish it.
The LEGO Movie (Everything is Awesome Edition + Special Edition). Two different people bought me different editions, which means I get all the neat content :D
LEGO Sort & Store
President Business LED Light (Similar to my Bad Cop one)
DK LE...


Hack's the Way to Do It!

Posted by Ayliffe in Blog of Ayliffe, 01 July 2014 · 140 views
Watchdogs, comic, LANDSLIDES and 5 more...

So, Just another comic about Watchdogs that's nothing like any of the other comics about Watchdogs.


And yes, I really would do that. :P



(UPDATED!)Download RRWolfy's Data Biome Here!

Posted by RockRaiderWolf in RockRaiderWolf's Blog, 27 June 2014 · 163 views

Let me know what you think of my first biome attempt!

Update: Seems most of the things that didn't work were due to the pictures accidently being saved as 24 bit. uploaded a new version that works.
So don't forget to download the fixed version I uploaded on the 28th!
Update fixes the following:
Erosion tiles
Lava Tiles
Ore Seams
Slimy Slug Holes


[Trance] Cloudy alleyway

Posted by ProNoob13 in ProNoob's ramblings, 20 June 2014 · 101 views
music, soundcloud, trance

Okay, here's the deal: I don't make music often. I love to make music, but I mostly just can't find the time to dedicate myself to it. Nonetheless, and inspired me to make some new music last week, while I had a few hours of spare time. Cloudy alleyway is the result of those hours. I'm not completely satisfied with the result yet, but I've gotten qui...



Posted by Drill Master in JAL's Music Corner, 19 June 2014 · 108 views

"It has been Unleashed..."

Hello everyone and welcome to my latest track called "Unleashed". It's about time I posted some new music to my channel. Enjoy!


Let me know what you guys think!


On The Hunt For Kanohi Masks

Posted by Phantom Terror in Shadows of the Past, 17 June 2014 · 105 views

I am currently looking to complete at least a Toa Mata mask collection. Here is a list of the things that I need to do so:

HAU : Green, Blue, Brown, Silver, Gold, Black/Brown mix, Chrome
KAKAMA : Brown, Black, Blue, Green, White, Red, Silver, Gold
PAKARI : Brown, Green, White, Red, Silve...


The Old Girl's Getting On Now...

Posted by McStudz in Blog of Stan McStudz, 01 June 2014 · 108 views
Dinosaurs, Laptops, IBM, !?!? and 1 more...

So, you guys know about my old IBM ThinkPad DINOSAUR of a laptop, right? The one I have listed in my (pathetically comical) specs? The same one I've had so many problems with (thanks to my own stupidity)? The one I've probably put at least five OSes on? Well, SOMEONE at work must have dropped it when they moved my backpack (with lappy inside), because now...


I drew a comic

Posted by Fushigisaur in Blarg, 23 May 2014 · 149 views


I might draw more.

I dunno.

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