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RRURadio: Testing A New Service *Now*

Posted by McJobless , in Rock Raiders United, Radio 04 February 2013 · 188 views

So, as you may have seen, I made a topic about radio improvements, and the radio has now disappeared with no changes made. What's been going on is I've been investigating operating my own internet servers, including a few gamer servers and the RRU radio. I've got the software set up and the playlists set, and a mic is ready for recording, but I now need to get a new job so I can afford the last few pars for the server machine and for my own private ISP connection so I can host everything without connection problems.

Until such time as everything is finally ready and I've got time to host the show, a couple times a week I'm going to be using ubroadcast to play a variety of random songs, to test out a couple things. I'll notify through status updates when the radio is online.

To access the radio, you simply need to enter the following:

Link: http://www.ubroadcas...testing-channel
Password: extremerunsthissite


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Loved it.

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Icecast exists.

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