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Posted by The Ace Railgun , 24 March 2013 · 139 views

Just thought I'd throw out some updates here on the Bionicle parody V-Series. So far we officially have 5 actors and one pending actor and they are Mcjobless, McStuds, Fusigisaur, Alcom1's sister, Zephyria and I think that's it unless I missed somebody... If you aren't there please raise your hand!......... Oh wait.... Never mind. Anywho the characters to be included in the parody will be characters both from the movies and from the book series so once you know who you are playing read up on that character.

Characters to be included in the first episode are:

Vakama(turaga -- Narrator)
Onewa(turaga and narrator when vakama is getting beaten up by Nokama)
Nokama(turaga -- keeps vakama from rambling on about useless things)
Mata-Nui(Glatorian and giant versions -- The biggest pervert in all of sphereus magna)
Lewa(Karda Nui Version -- the annoying energetic little brother of the group)
Kiina -- The one who keeps everybody els out of trouble (she often likes to study hard but has the tendency to only retain knowledge that isn't the most useful)
Reidak -- The big though stupid one( seriously... Can't even spell his own name...)
Thok -- The surprisingly wise yet lazy and selfish door guard
Takanuva(Original and Twilight versions -- surprisingly depressing to be around and has an extreme fear of dying, and fish)
Pohatu -- the insanely Hyper, klutzy, and warm hearted one (also has an obsession with Playing Tetris)

That's about it right now but I'll keep posting updates of the set and re-building of the characters.

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