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Blog of updates and apologies #1

Posted by The Ace Railgun , 18 March 2013 · 170 views

Apologies and updates

Well I missed a blog deadline already...imagine that...*cricket* Anyways I apologize for the late update I will try to do an update each week but since I am currently getting ready transferring to college so I may miss a few updates here and there like this one. I also want to apologize ahead of time for if I misplace any English words with Japanese or German words so sumimasendeshta! Anywho this update will basically be me ranting about the annoying things that I'm sure everyone has thought about and by the next blog update I should be finished with that stop motion I mentioned earlier and I have actually decided to make a series that will last from 5-15 minutes long and will be about 10-15 episodes depending on what you guys think (an if I can come up with some good dialogue. And no I will not be voicing the video since I am terribly camera shy and will give anybody who dares to film me a ice cold death glare...(and might destroy the evidence) Anyhow for the dialogue of the video I will be using a voice synthesizer program called Vocaloid2 so that's about it for this issue but buy next time I should have the first episode uploaded and ready for viewing.

Hey, if you need someone to voice act...


*slowly raises hand*


If you've ever seen the QC's (and ask someone about them if you don't), you'd know that I'm an avid voice actor. I really enjoy the stuff.


Maybe you could PM me and we can work something out, if you so desire?

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The Ace Railgun
Mar 19 2013 04:03 AM
QC's? Can I ask you about them?

The QCs were voiceovers of some funny quotes around and on RRU. It was started by Zakida (Then known as Aki Dazrold, and now known as GONE), and passed on to me once Zakida ragequit on RRU.


It's basically me giving voice to some of the more hilarious quotes on RRU. I'm currently working on my fourth volume, which I hope to upload soon.

The Ace Railgun
Mar 19 2013 06:50 PM
Hmm I'll have to check them out.

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