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Thu'll Language concept (Part 2 Fur'Dae)

Posted by The Ace Railgun , 29 July 2014 · 116 views

Another set of characters for the Thu'll language has been completed! (sort of) This is the second level of Thu'll characters also known as Fur'Dae. I wanted to focus on making the characters and sounds more complex, yet keep the same flowing nature of the Dur'Dae (First set).


The blotched out characters ar...


A Language concept (Thu'll V2)

Posted by The Ace Railgun , 03 June 2014 · 143 views

I created this language during my spare time between classes, It's still a concept so more characters will be added and some changed. When I started this language I wanted to experiment with different combinations of sounds in a single character such as "tchet" (pronounced "cheht") or "suhe" (pronounced "shueh"). The first set of characters are called the...


Wonderful, wounderful, After Effects

Posted by The Ace Railgun , 06 May 2014 · 153 views

Guess what I was doing at 2:30 in the morning? I was making a thing...



First "Real" entry...

Posted by The Ace Railgun , 07 March 2013 · 148 views

Ok I really had no idea what to call it so there you go... Q.Q Anywho I was experimenting on Inkscape, Gimp, and Picasa for a class project and came up with this wallpaper. Now the writing below the quote is D'ni and translates to Kerath the Great. I am also doing some Myst based artwork for my art class and a lego (specifically Bionicle) stop-motion type...


Introduction and prologue

Posted by The Ace Railgun , 23 February 2013 · 140 views
Intro, Photography, coding, etc
Shorah! (A greeting in D'ni), Konichi'wa! Well I have decided to start a blog. This will be a first for me since I am not usually much of a blogger but here in this blog I plan to post photographs I have taken in class, any Video Editing or Animating projects, and Novel ideas to share with the RRU gang. I hope to get some good feedback from you guys. I al...

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