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I have a project regarding the Rock Raiders United website, now answer this survey.

Posted by Alcom1 , 11 September 2014 · 211 views

Right! I have a project with the first step due in 21 hours regarding Rock Raiders United. The project is to redesign a website, with deliverables being 4-6 images and a design document, so there won't actually be any new website.

I must interview and survey some users.

You are all users. You will respond to my questions at your discretion. You will r...



Posted by Alcom1 , 05 September 2014 · 133 views

Is this what you dare to deploy against me?!
This is not an offensive!
This is more fuel for the FIRE ! :D


LEGO Wolfenstein?

Posted by Alcom1 , 27 July 2014 · 195 views

Noghiri mentioned C4 in the context of a URL link.
I did not understand what this C4 was.
I decided to look it up via Wikipedia.
I went to this page .
I got sidetracked and clicked to this page .
I then caught the word "LEGO", and stumbled upon LEGO Wolfenstein .



Today is a Good Day.

Posted by Alcom1 , 05 June 2014 · 184 views



Operation: Barbeque (The mission to fix LDD's Field of View)

Posted by Alcom1 , 29 April 2014 · 272 views

The Situation
On April 27th, 2014, several images were found, developed by Eurobricks user 'Bbqqq ', that had LEGO Digital Designer at an enhanced field of view . Infuriatingly, Bbqqq did not include instructions on how to increase LEGO Digital Designer's field of view angle, so I proceeded to contact the guy via Eurobrick's private messaging system. Op...


Alcom Plays Goat Simulator!

Posted by Alcom1 , 01 April 2014 · 269 views

Realizing that I payed for a $70 mic and have yet to do something worthwhile with it, I decided to finally do a Let's Play, and chose Goat Simulator for that Let's Play! :D

Enjoy! :D



An Incomplete Victory, Alcom Returns to College

Posted by Alcom1 , 23 January 2014 · 230 views

On December 18th, I submitted a change of program application to RIT. The program I applied for was the Game Design and Development major at the RIT School of Interactive Games & Media (IGM). After several tense weeks and I finally got my response, and that response is... "maybe".

The decision of whether or not I return to RIT depends on my performan...


Even the LMBs.

Posted by Alcom1 , 08 January 2014 · 225 views



A major change of major.

Posted by Alcom1 , 25 October 2013 · 359 views

I'm working towards switching my major to Game Design and Development.

I actually made this decision back in July, after finally deciding that I cannot enjoy my Mechanical Engineering major. My original intent with the ME major was to enter a non-art major that could complement my interest in LEGO, and while I have the skill sets for Mechanical Engineeri...


"Help, I went crazy!" I told Eurobricks.

Posted by Alcom1 , 22 May 2013 · 277 views

So for reasons of congruity I wrote this on Eurobricks, but it very much applies to here as a blog entry, so I'm linking it here too.

Eurobricks thread.