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#77322 DDI looking for help for BLOCK RAIDERS (Rock Raiders inspired title)

Posted by StewartG on 26 August 2012 - 07:09 PM

We have been impressed and encouraged with the dedication of our Rock Raiders fans, and after years of requests we are looking at creating a new Rock Raiders. We are considering combining a mine craft style world, so you can build and dig in more ways, please tell us what you think?
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#93675 New version of ROCK RAIDERS - update

Posted by StewartG on 19 August 2013 - 11:17 PM

I thought I would share some good news on the remake of Lego Rock Raiders, we were going to call it Block Raiders (due to Lego trademark on the RR name, however the good news is that the trademark has expired and also the extra time they have to renew it, and we have just registered the 'Rock Raiders' trademark ourselves. The name will live on.

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#93466 I am the real Infomaniac

Posted by wesinfomaniac on 13 August 2013 - 11:44 PM

Ha! a friend sent me a sample where the infomaniac was used...I am sincerely am honored..Why? because I wrote, designed and was the creative director of LEGO Island and designed the infomanic- many people and the staff said he looks like you...I didn't intend that but well....The product started in 1995 and realeased in 1997.the software abd development was pretty antiqye compared what was it was capable of doing then...but all and all- cool for seeing this...I gotta tell you- it was quite a maze to figure out how to register and I hope one can read this...Cheers all.


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#90005 Rock Raiders montage

Posted by zimonitrome on 26 May 2013 - 09:38 AM

I made somthing you might enjoy

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#96128 Really early LEGO Racers alpha/beta screenshots

Posted by jamesster on 01 November 2013 - 04:53 AM



Holy crud.
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#96825 Saracen 2 engine and world editor, Drome Racers source

Posted by jamesster on 26 November 2013 - 11:01 PM

(OP updated 11/27/13 to more clearly present what we're talking about)

I've got a nice little collection of stuff containing the following:
  • Most of the source code for ATD's Saracen 2 game engine, which was used in LEGO Racers 2 and Drome Racers (LEGO Racers 3) and probably other ATD games,
  • Saracen 2's world editor (and its source code, not sure if it's complete though),
  • Most of the source code specific to Drome Racers (which builds on the Saracen 2 engine),
  • Environment 3D models and their textures for Drome Racers, in formats different from those you can get from unpacking the released game's GTC.
More details in the following posts. Sorry, but this stuff can not and will not be released to the general public. The source is incomplete, so there's no way to compile new versions of the game. It's really only useful for decoding more file formats and gaining a better understanding of how the game works so we can expand our modding capabilities. The same applies to the world editor; unfortunately it struggles to load most world files aside from simple test areas, crashes very easily, and has terrible camera controls, so it's really only helpful for figuring out how things work and I honestly think it'd be easier to create our own world editor.
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#93869 New version of ROCK RAIDERS - update

Posted by Cirevam on 25 August 2013 - 07:56 PM

At the time, the Press didn't think family friendly, simple to pick up and use games would be popular, and they slated our games for being too easy, and simple. The whole games market has since learnt that simple online games and phone games have captured the majority of the market, this type of game is exactly what the public wanted!


The problem is that this is exactly what the Rock Raiders United community doesn't want, or at the very least that is the general attitude that many people have around here. Rock Raiders is a very casual game already up until a few levels near the end and many of the mods that RRU has made try to make the game more challenging. The core demographic for the original game was children, so that is understandable. Now, we have grown up and the majority of us are 15 to 25 years old. We can take a challenge.



After saying all that, the New Rock Raiders is not a budget game, it is a BIG project, we can do many styles, and this is a Major quality title for us.


This makes me feel a little bit better about the situation. In my eyes, Rock Raiders was one of your best games and I have hope that you are willing to show us a game that's even better than the original Rock Raiders. Of course, when I say "you" I'm addressing all of DDI -- the programmers, the artists, the musicians, the engineers, and the leaders.



We are looking to impliment new formats in our engine, and add in new online multiplayer playability, Rock Raiders/ Block Raiders is planned as the launch title for this. We will obviously be on PC, but with online support, we support Wii and Wii-U - as we like the idea of using the Wii-remotes  for hacking, chopping away at the screeen (we also support wii-remotes on the PC) and the gamepad for crafting would be great, we want support for Android (OUYA) and iOS iPad and finally I would love to get a version on FACEBOOK.


I was talking to a few people about this and we're actually concerned about you developing this game on multiple formats at once. Having multiple formats means that you need multiple teams to work on each version, which splits your time and energy. If you're planning on PC, Wii, WiiU, Android, iOS, and Facebook... you're spreading your effort way too thin and the main product (PC) will suffer. And honestly, the game will end up being completely different for each format. The PC has mouse and keyboard controls which are superior to a controller (WiiU) or pointer (Wii), and far superior to a touchscreen (Android, iOS). The general attitude towards Facebook games for many people around here is negative, and I feel that you will receive either backlash or apathy towards a Facebook version of the game.

We do not want Farmville Raiders. We do not want to waggle a Wiimote at a screen in order to drill a wall. Please understand this. Your trending analysts may say that Facebook games are hot right now and the casual market is something you need to capture, but RRU in general is not in that market. I don't want to speak for everyone, but I think we are looking for a game that makes us think and plan ahead.

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#93828 A new addition to the moderating team

Posted by Cirevam on 25 August 2013 - 02:39 AM

Every once in a yellow brick moon we gather as a community to view the ascension of a worthy individual to the circle known as the Moderating Staff of RRU.  Few have braved the trials and succeeded, whether failure was delivered within the magma depths of Planet U, on the racetrack next to the legendary Rocket Racer, or at the hands of a nit-picky park evaluator.  One among you has come through the fires unscathed and we humble ourselves before his task.

It is with utmost pleasure that we welcome and introduce Jamesster as the newest moderator of Rock Raiders United.  Jamesster has been an extremely active member of the community – on top of his work on many other LEGO sites – and we look forward to him increasing his formal role on RRU.



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#80629 LEGO Racers HD (mod project, WIP)

Posted by Kenney on 04 December 2012 - 05:28 PM

LEGO Racers HD will focus on replacing the low resolution textures of LEGO Racers with new higher resolution ones.

Posted Image

Posted Image

LEGO Racers HD design philosophy:
  • Keep the original LEGO Racers drawing style (no photo realistic textures)
  • LEGO-fy textures (add studs)
  • Most textures drawn in vector
Tools being used while creating LEGO Racers HD:
  • LEGO.jam File Extractor by JrMasterModelBuilder
  • LR Textures thread by Cyrem

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#101491 LL-947 Space Defender

Posted by Ayliffe on 11 April 2014 - 10:03 AM

Built to replace the ageing fleet of LL-918 one-man spacecrafts, the LL-947 has 6 side mounted lasers on the wings to defend itself from the forces of Blacktron, which was a key problem with the old 918 class spacecrafts, who couldn't defend themselves if they ran into trouble. There are numerous reports that some of these have been modified by Blacktron to use against our forces, but so far there is no photographic evidence of these occurrences.

Check out my photostream for more images! https://www.flickr.c...s/ayliffemakit/
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#85704 Insane Raiders [Comic] [Last Update: 2014-04-17]

Posted by Arthuriel on 01 March 2013 - 10:06 PM

Note: Can take some time (in my case ~25s) to load every comic.



this is a thread, where I will try to continue a comic series every or every second week (note: replace week with month).

Usually they are based on my experiences with the Rock Raider PC game and the behavior of the Rock Raiders (including a good portion of insanity and exaggaration).


Number 1. Dynamite



Number 2. Lava and Pathfinding are evil



Number 3. Reinforment is for Losers



Number 4. The Pain of Pictures Show



Number 5. Badly needed Professions and Items



Number 6. Job Oppurtunities



Number 7. Secrets



Number 8. An unnormal Day



Number 9. Randompunk-Raiders



Number 10. Alternative Ending



Number 11. Mindless in Space



Number 12. Traffic



Number 13. Lazor-Madness



Number 14. Lazor-Madness II



Number 15. The Dark Side of the Vector



Number 16. Meet the Bandit.

Who is Bandit and why is he a crew member?


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#80904 Global Forum Rules

Posted by Cyrem on 08 December 2012 - 03:01 PM

Rock Raiders United is a discussion community. This allows many people of many backgrounds to come together to discuss all things LEGO. To keep this community in a healthy working order, forum rules do apply to protect both the website and its members. By registering an account you agree to follow the rules below.

These rules apply to all sections of Rock Raiders United including the Personal Message System, Gallery and Blogs unless specified elsewhere.

Rules: Posting 
Spam is considers as posts that do not add anything constructive to a topic/blog. Examples of such posts would be single word/emoticon posts, posts containing repetitive sentences.

DO NOT Double Post
Double posting is when you make more than one post directly after a previous post you wrote. Use the 'EDIT' button to add or make changes to your post, then wait for another member to reply before making another post. The only exception to this is if the previous post is a few days old and your new post is going to contain purposeful information and not just "Bumping....".

DO NOT Flame
Flaming refers to the insulting of other members because of an opinion, personal background or beliefs they have.

DO NOT Troll
Deliberately starting arguments or attempting to provoke a negative emotional response is not permitted and is damaging to your own reputation on the forum.

DO NOT Post or Upload Illegal Material
This refers to posting any form of pirated materials such as applications/games, including posting of links to such materials. Rock Raiders United DOES NOT support piracy.

DO NOT Post or Upload NSFW (Not Safe For Work) Material
This covers all forms of pornographic material or sexually suggestive material. Materials containing high levels of gore are also not permitted. If you feel the content is questionable, don't post it!

DO NOT Post Personally Identifiable Information
The internet is full of creeps and thieves, do not post any information about yourself that may be stolen or identify you personally. The moderation team will remove such details from posts if they are found.

DO NOT Discuss Religion or Politics
These subjects fuel flaming. If you would like to discuss either of these, do so on a different forum.

DO NOT Evade the Language Filter
This refers to deliberately changing the lettering or using other tricks in order to get around our swear word filter. Slang however is tolerated.

Also read the topic on Posting Etiquette.

Rules: Accounts 
DO NOT Create Multiple Accounts
You are only allowed to use one account for yourself on this forum. If you would like your username changed, contact an Administrator. If you have been banned you are allowed to appeal to have a new account.

DO NOT Use Offensive or Spam Usernames
Account usernames that imply that you registered just to get something from this forum will get your account deleted. Users with offensive usernames (such as profanity or racism) will get you banned.

DO NOT Use Disposable Email Addresses
If you can't trust us with your legitimate email address, don't register! Accounts with fake emails will be removed promptly.

Rules: General 
Respect Members
All members should respect each other, including their opinions (See Flaming). If you are having problems with a particular member, you should seek to resolve it with them without causing disruption to the rest of the community.

Respect Moderators
The moderators not only spend time on the community as a normal member, they also having taken on extra responsibility to ensure members are following the rules. They 'keep the streets clean' as it were.


Community Environment Sabotage

If your actions (e.g post destruction, DDOS, spam etc) and attitude (e.g disrespect for moderators, members or the forum itself) and posts show or imply that you are trying to destroy the website or the community atmosphere causing the driving away of other members, you may be subject to a warning/restrictions or account ban.

Excessive Sized Signatures
Please be thoughtful of the many other viewers of RRU. Your signature should not be a distraction to the topic being read nor should it stretch pages needlessly. It is recommended you keep your signature under 250px (Pixels) high. Using spoilers should not be used for reducing the size. If your signature is deemed too big, it may be removed.

My Little Pony Fandom
This fandom has become a large part of the internet as of recent, however, again be thoughtful of the other viewers of RRU. Not all members like (and some dislike) the MLP fandom. All topics should remain clean of "Pony posts" except for the "Offtopic" category where they are permitted.

 These rules are subject to additions and alterations.
Last Updated: 19/5/2013


* Newly Added since last update

* Altered since last update

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#98949 Something a little different...mock LEGO Space print ad from the 80s...

Posted by TalonCard on 02 February 2014 - 08:01 PM

What do you do when you have only two Classic Spacemen and Photoshop? This, apparently.


The kitchen in my house has a little light that looks a bit like a flying saucer...I thought it'd be fun to take a picture of two LEGO astronauts exploring the vast kitchen counter, and seeing the lamp from below. It didn't turn out quite as well as I liked, so I tried to spruce it up by creating a magazine-style LEGO ad.


I'd like to do more in the same style, probably featuring Pirates since I actually have those sets, definitely using actual magazine dimensions. Thoughts?



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#95500 Lego Rock Raiders HQ [MOC] 7000 parts!

Posted by -DoNe- on 13 October 2013 - 12:23 PM

After 2 months of building I where able to finish this giant! I don't even know where to start, it have taken so long and it have been so fun to watch it grow over the weeks (but I have to admit it got a little boring to build some of the rock sections).


At some points I had my doubts that I would be able to finish it of due to how massive it was and when I constantly realized that I had to make it bigger too fit this and that but in the end it was worth it!


The finished models weights in at 7,7kg (around 20 pounds/16lbs and have something between 7000-8000 parts!


Sorry for the bad picture btw!


by =DoNe=, on Flickr

by =DoNe=, on Flickr

by =DoNe=, on Flickr

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#94843 All bricks/chassis, all the time

Posted by jamesster on 25 September 2013 - 05:54 AM

A really simple but very useful mod that gives you access to every car chassis and piece in the builder at any given time (even ones you can't normally use):





In GAME DATA\OBJECTS\BRICKS, there's a file called UNIQUEBRICKS.TXT, which contains "All the bricks that can go in the game ever". Now, see UNIQUEBRICKSGENERIC.TXT? It lists "The generic bricks - available in all worlds". Simply overwrite it with a copy of UNIQUEBRICKS.TXT, and boom, every chassis and piece is accessible everywhere.
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#87605 Scrapped Zones And More

Posted by jamesster on 02 May 2013 - 05:07 AM

Oh man, you guys aren't gonna believe this stuff... Tom and I talked quite a bit via email today, and Bill Benecke (the concept artist guy) got involved too. They're really great guys, both very friendly, and were happily surprised to hear the game has fans. Here's the rundown.

So, I initially emailed Tom and briefed him on the game/theme's status as a well-loved classic in the LEGO community, our progress in modding it, and the various finds regarding LEGO Logic and such, and basically asked if he had any info he could add to this. Boy, did he ever!

Hi Jamie,

Holy cow, what a great email! I’m glad we have fans.

Yes: it was originally called LEGO Logic and the team was called T.I.L.T. Digital Domain (DD) was coming off the heels of making Barbie Fashion Designer for Mattel, which make boatloads of money (it kept the company afloat while they were doing special fx for Titanic). So DD decided it would be a “digital toy” company. It pitched 5 concepts to LEGO Media – LEGO racers, a virtual LEGO set, LEGO robot builders, a LEGO adventure, and then to round out the list, they threw in a half-baked idea to build wacky Rube Goldberg type contractions – similar to the popular game The Incredible Machine. LEGO already had a number of the other ideas in development but they loved the contraption-builder concept, so that’s what they chose.

The initial idea was to freely mix-and-match themes. So the team consisted of a chef, a gymnast (Flip), a magician, a mad scientist with bouncing powers (Dr. Pogo – our idea was that LEGO would produce a rubber mini-figure instead of hard plastic), and a marching band musician (Major Minor). The chef would flip things in his frying pan; the gymnast would provide spinning motion; the marching band musician would provide forward motion, the magician could teleport things from one spot to another. There were probably other team members – my memory is fuzzy. We had a lot of characters in the game at one point. I recall a “motor” that was a cowboy sitting at his campfire. If something lit his fire, he’d start cranking his spit. So he functioned as a fire-activated motor. The worlds included places like Aromazona, Mt. Fridgy (home to the Neanderthaws – those unfrozen cavemen-type creatures you referred to), Poodle Dreamland, and more. Bill Benecke did the concept art and may still have some of it. I’ll see if he can dig some up and share it. It was really fun.

We were fairly far into full production – animation, building out the worlds, starting to build puzzles – when LEGO Media flew myself and the senior producer to their offices in London to present what we were doing. They hated it. The mix-and-match aspect just didn’t fit in with how they market LEGO themes. We were pulling bits and pieces from themes targeted at 5 year olds, 8 year olds, boys, girls, etc. They told us they wanted to completely revise the idea to base it around a “Mission Impossible” style “Spy” team. Keep it all very blue and black and “boy” oriented. More of a focus on cool gear and gadgets. So we threw out 90% of what we had developed … keeping TeeVee and Evil Ogel … and created Cam, Dash, Crunch, and the rest. It was a bit rushed – we had eaten up a year and a half of production heading in the wrong direction – but all things considered, I think it came out pretty well. I think the abbreviated schedule necessitated cutting the moon base and the mountain hideouts. I’m not sure how developed those ever were though.

If I can find some old files I’ll share them with you. I’m still in touch with a number of the guys who worked on the project too, so I’ll forward your email.

Thanks again for the great email.

Best regards,

So yeah, my jaw dropped. I sent an email back, thanking him for the details, and also linking him to this and this as examples of what fans have done with the theme. He loved them, and added that he's gonna try to dig up some more LEGO Logic and Alpha Team development stuff sometime. He also had an amusing little anecdote to share:

A funny anecdote: When we redesigned the characters, we had a hard time getting Dash’s character design approved. I finally told the character designer to just make him look as much like the LEGO Executive Producer (Tom Gillo) as possible. Tom loved Dash’s new look—having no idea we were trying to make Dash look like him—and the character design was promptly approved.

Dash: http://images1.wikia...s/2/20/Dash.jpg
Tom Gillo: http://www.mobygames...51474743-00.jpg

He also mentioned where some of the other developers are at now, and what their current projects are:

The two main engineers, Bob Soper and Thomas Miller, went on to work at SONY. They were heavily involved in the God of War series. The Executive Producer on LEGO’s side, Tom Gillo, works for Sony Europe and oversees development of Sony Kinect games. Bill Benecke, who designed the characters and devices, now works at Mattel as a toy and action-figure designer. I’ve mostly worked for LeapFrog for the past 10+ years producing interactive books. LEGO Alpha Team was super fun to work on. Great team. Fun work environment. Loads of creative freedom … until the boot came down those last six months and we rushed to revamp the whole product. Immediately afterwards, Digital Domain shut down their interactive division and laid-off the entire department, so the project has always been tainted for me by that. But you’ve reawakened some nostalgia for the good times we had making that game. Thanks for that.

He then forwarded my email to Bill, who added the following:

This is just flat- out wonderful- I never suspected that there would be dedicated fans of Alpha Team, or that they were able to piece together so many bits of what we worked on!!!

Alpha Team was one of the niftiest projects I’ve worked on, and probably the biggest in terms of my career where I look at the designs for our first version and feel a strong dose of “what if…?” tinged with a lot of “if only…!”- especially when I think of Roller Toaster! And Ol’ Blue Ice! And the Neaderthaws! And, yes, Poodle Dream Land.

You’ve really brought a huge smile to my face with this- thank you ☺

And Bill's email reminded Tom of more specific details of LEGO Logic, and then things started really coming together:

His email jogged my memory a bit:

The very earliest concept for LEGO Logic was that the things we take for granted in our homes: refrigerators, dog bowls, toasters, are actually powered behind the scenes by incredibly complicated contraptions and loads of mini-figures hard at work.

The look and feel was very much akin to Diddy Kong Racing, or Crash Bandicoot, or Banjo-Kazooie: brightly colored surreal worlds, with fun bosses to defeat. Evil Ogel was meant to be the final boss. As I said, this wasn’t just preliminary concept work: quite a bit of actual production (modeling and animation) was done along these lines before it was all scrapped for the “spy” theme.

Mt Fridgy was a “snow and ice” freezer environment that included a lot of frozen foods: pizza boxes as platforms, ice cream tubs, things like that. The Boss was “Ol’ Blue Ice” and the Neanderthaws were frozen in blocks of ice. If you defrosted one, he’d starting walking in a forward line, swinging his club.

The Roller Toaster was a roller-coaster “hot lava” environment. Roller coaster cars that looked like slices of bread would ride the rails and get toasted by hot pools of lava. The boss was King Crusty.

Poodle Dreamland took place inside a dog pool. It was shades of pink and lavender, with topiary trees, and giant doggy bones. The boss was a killer poodle named Flea-Flea.

Aromazona was a world of giant flowers, inside a flower pot.

And finally:

Hi Jamie,

Thanks for all the great emails. I’ve forwarded them to the rest of the team. They really made everyone’s week.

Glad you liked the game—good to know there was fans! It was a lot of fun to make. And of course we’re all very happy it spawned a popular LEGO theme.

Best regards.

I'm so darn happy right now.
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#85479 Cafeteria (0.7)

Posted by Cyrem on 25 February 2013 - 03:33 AM



Cafeteria is a LRR Launcher that allows you to run LEGO Rock Raiders at any resolution your monitor supports as well as giving LRR background music like it should have. Gone are the days of 640x480 stretching and blurring.
Place the Cafeteria files into the Rock Raiders installation directory.
LRR Setup (Required for Resolution Mod)
Open LEGO.CFG. Do a "Search and Replace" in your text editor for: "640x480" with the resolution you would like to run the game at. E.G: replace "640x480" with "1920x1080". Replace all occurances in the config file. This is required.
LRR Panels
At this time you will need to move LRR's panels yourself to fit your resolution. Look for a CFG block called "Panels<Your Replaced Resolution> (e.g "Panels1920x1070" ). This is where you will find the positioning of most of the panels in the game. You will not find positions for the Oxygen/Ore Bar, Crystal images or the message panel. The message panel can be moved by increasing the height of it's image. Oxygen/Ore bars cannot be moved at this time, by I am working on a solution. Until then, you can either leave them or delete it's image file to get rid of it.
Copy Protected Versions
Due to copy protected version having a disk checking period, you will not be able to use "Launch and Apply". You will need to start both Cafeteria and LRR. Make sure you select "Copy Protected" on the protection settings. When the "Mode Selection" window appears, click "Apply Only". This will apply the resolution changes needed. On LRR's mode selection window, leave "640x480 (16 Bit)" selected and press OK.
Non-Copy Protected
Start Cafeteria, then click "Launch and Apply". Cafeteria will attempt to start LRR, apply the changes then simulate pressing the enter key in order to skip the Mode Selection window. If the Mode Selection window appears but the game does not start after a moment, click OK to start the LRR manually.
Game Music
Cafeteria 0.6 has the ability to play game music on levels. Create a folder called "Music" in LRR installation directory. Add any MP3 files you want to this folder.
- Do not change anything on the Mode Selection window unless switching to window mode.
- You do not need to close Cafeteria after the application has been made, infact, don't close it. It needs to run while LRR is running.
- You can start LRR with you parameters by using you already made shortcut, and clicking "Apply Only" instead of "Launch and Apply"
- I recommend grabbing all the high poly models/enhanced textures as you can.
It is still early days for this launcher and I plan on improving and adding some more features. The setup will become easier when either resolution packs are made or until I get this tool to make all these changes automatically. Thanks to everyone for participating in my tests.
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#100271 Results Of 2014 Winter/Spring RRU Census

Posted by Yajmo on 09 March 2014 - 08:19 PM


Great list McStudz, someone should gather all the members' profile pictures and make some kind of display or something.






I'm drawing them in the order they appear on the list. This takes forever though.

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#94833 UNGTC

Posted by JrMasterModelBuilder on 25 September 2013 - 02:04 AM

origamiguy has created a GUI tool to make your game MOD-ready (requires .NET 4.0 framework).


UNGTC - ATD archive tool.
Download Link
This tool will extract and rearchive LEGO Racers 2 and Drome Racers archives (the Attention To Detail or ATD LEGO video games).
A while back, I started reverse engineering the LEGO Racers 2 and Drome Racers archive file formats (hence forth refered to as GTC). I figured out what almost everything was, but got stuck on the compression used in the GTC. In my extended absence from the site, and have been tinkering with the files, tagging up bytes in a hex editor, determining which bytes were litterals, which were backreferences, and which ones said what did what thorugh experimental byte injection. This would likely have never happened if not for this amazing find by Cyrem. Fast forward to September 1st, I finished writing code that would successfully decompress GAMEDATA.GTC. It didn't extract the files, and couldn't write its own COMPRESS.INF file, but the game would load and play, with some minor speed improvments. Fast forward again to today, and I have finished writting UNGTC, a tool that can both unpack the archives and create new ones!
UNGTC is writtin in pure C++, and is very fast. How fast it runs depends on the IO speeds of your drive. With a RAM disk, it can be as fast as a few seconds (5400 RPM drives are much slower). Full source code is included, as are binaries for Windows and Mac. If you are running Linux, compile the source yourself, there are too many processor architectures for me to provide binaries for all of them.
UNGTC is a command-line application, simple give it the folder containing GAMEDATA.GTC, FILELIST.INF, and COMPRESS.INF to extract, or the extracted folder to archive, as the first argument. On Windows, this is easily done by draggin-and-dropping the folder onto ungtc.exe.
Some technical notes:

  • UNGTC does create slightly differently than the GTC's that come with the game, but they are 100% compatible, and more efficient.
  • UNGTC does not compress the archives it creates in any way. Since you would not save mush space on modern drives and it would be a slow waste of processor power, I do not plan on adding this ability.
  • UNGTC automatically detects the 2 different formats and uses a meta data file called .GTC to store what version for the file forwat was extracted, for use in rearchiving. It is a plain text file.
  • The Windows executable it 32-bit. As it uses 32-bit opperations, it would not really benefit from being 64-bit. The Mac executable is 64-bit.
  • Compiled using MinGW g++ (Win) and Xcode g++ (Mac).

Other Notes
Unfortunately, I have tried everything I could think of to make it load the files from the drive instead of from the archive, monitoring the game with Process Monitor for any changes, but it seems to only work with archives.
To run the game without having to keep rebuilding the archive, check out this topic.
Or this tool by origamiguy (which will also extract the GAMEDATA files).
Many of the files are normal files and I expect that many other files have existing tools. Good luck in deciphering the files!

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#101792 A game I'm working on: A 3D, multiplayer roguelike

Posted by Addictgamer on 20 April 2014 - 09:25 AM

Hey guys, I could use your help!

I've been very busy working on this game since last autumn. The game is Barony, a 3D, multiplayer Roguelike:



So far, we're probably 40-50% done with the code. There's still many features left to program, though, and a lot of content to throw in. We also need music, sound effects, and art on top of all that. The team and I wish to work full-time on the game. However, bills don't pay themselves, so unless we receive funds, we'll have to clean dishes at restaurants all day and the game will slowly crawl to completion every fortnight we'd be able to work on the game. That's where you guys can help greatly: today, we launched a kickstarter.

If the kickstarter succeeds, we're going to go into public beta testing this summer and work on the game full time. Please, tell your friends, family, neighbors, even your dog.
Hey, even if you can't (or don't want to) back the project yourself, please, spread the word :) I'd greatly appreciate that.

- Addictgamer
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